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Juice Cleansing/Water Fasting Retreats



I welcome you to Juicing with Nadia K’s Juice Cleansing/Water Fasting Retreats, a Specifically Designed Program and Space, that Provides Your Body the Ultimate Environment to Heal.

You see, you hold all the power, the power to heal from anything, however when your energy is blocked, this causes dis-ease and disharmony within not only your body, but all layers of your auric field.

When you juice cleanse, you move this stagnant energy and allow your Life Force to fully flow, just as it should. Removing any blockages, and eliminating the fatty acids, hardened mucus, acid crystals, and stored toxic debris in your body, along with any unprocessed or trapped emotions, mental blocks from abundance, self-sabotaging patterns you still subscribe to, and any old replayed stories that no longer serve you in your highest and best good.

When you treat yourself to the right nurturing space in which to Juice Cleanse, you have the opportunity to go deep, and rid a great deal density in your light grid, completely transform your health and therefore your life!

However for your Body to Effectively Heal, It is vital that you;

  1. Be in a Space where you Feel Completely Safe to Relax, be yourself and do so
  2. Ensure you are getting the correct juices for your current chemistry
  3. Ensure that no chemicals are entering your body in this time
  4. Ensure that the emotional and energetic environment around you is nontoxic – eg no negativity, only gentle support and encouragement
  5. Ensure that the correct detox treatments are being adhered to, in order for the toxins to be safely eliminated
  6. Ensure that the right support and healing is available to you, to aid the cleanse deeper
  7. Ensure only the highest quality Water and Juice is consumed by you. – this is crucial.

When catering to the above, we have hit a Magic Recipe for Miracles to then Happen, and in combine with strong intentions and a high frequency environment, this is when signification transformation takes place, and individuals heal, as quick as they allow.



What We Expect to Achieve During these Retreats:

Our Job at Juicing with Nadia K Retreats, is to achieve the following with you:

  • Activate your Inner Healing Power
  • Heal and balance your body (at the maximum it safely allows)
  • Create the Ideal Environment to Cleanse
  • Cleanse away all energetic blockages
  • Clear physical, mental and emotional blockages
  • Eliminate all the physical toxic debris, that is ready to move
  • Eliminate false and limiting belief systems
  • Rid self-sabotaging habits
  • Plant new neurological pathways for new healthy habits
  • Create new healthy beliefs
  • Balance your hormones
  • Balance your gut bacteria
  • Reboot your organs and clean your liver
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Eliminate toxins from the lymphatic system
  • Clear your aura of any hooks, chords, attachments, and unwanted entities
  • Fulfill your intentions set that are inline with your highest good
  • Expand your light and activate your light grid
  • Strengthen your Spiritual Gifts
  • And lastly, activate the true power within you!!

This is a Very Individually Catered Juice Cleansing and/or Water Fasting Retreat, for those that wish to experience the Full Extended Benefits of a Juice Cleanse and/or Water Fast, when all the Essential Healing Modalities are in place, to ensure these 3-7 days are Absolutely Life Changing for You!

If You’re Ready, We’re Ready!! And Together We Can Achieve as Much as You Want, in accordance to your Highest Good!!

So if you’re a fast learner, I’d encourage you write a long list of intentions, and for those who want to take things bit by bit, then we can heal and activate on these intentions also.

You hold the Genie; we just wake him up and show you how to rub the lamp & put him to work!! 😊



After each Juice Cleansing Retreat, or Water Fasting Retreat (depending on which you choose), we expect you to achieve the following:

  • Clarity and Peace
  • A Feeling of Lightness
  • A Dramatic Improvement in Physical Health
  • A Dramatic Improvement in Both Mental and Emotional Health
  • A diminish of aches and pains
  • A lowering or complete cease of inflammation
  • A cease of unhealthy cravings
  • Glowing skin
  • Shiny Hair
  • Bright White Eyes
  • Greater Self Confidence
  • Happier and more joyful in nature
  • A reduction in weight (if your body requires)
  • Increased Intuition
  • Increased Love for Yourself and Your Body
  • Increased Compassion
  • Decreased Ego
  • A New Positive Outlook
  • Open Heart Centre
  • Inspiration
  • Activated Light Body (glowing!)


You Are the Healer

It is important to recognise that YOU are in fact the healer and all that we do in our retreats is to activate that magic healing power within you, as well as your light grid, and move any stagnant and blocked energy you may hold. So that your body, mind and soul can remember who you truly are, and where you are from.

The rate in which you heal determines on your will, your intentions, your belief systems, how strong your attachments are, your willingness to change and let go and your bodies current health and the health of your eliminatory organs.

I have seen miraculous healings and I have witnessed slower more gradual healings, but one thing is for sure, it all happens exactly how it is supposed to, which brings the excitement to each individual’s healing experience.

You have to remember, when you leave such a retreat, where the activation and shifting is so high, this may be a lot for some individuals to handle, as you will be leaving with a completely different lens of the world, and therefore your life circumstances will change as a result.

It is for this reason, that some may need more time to heal, as they may have many toxic relationships, they are attached to in which they use a certain addiction or addictions to cope with.

However, as their light grid is now fully activated, they will no longer be able to withstand such relationships, as the frequencies won’t match, and the process of separation will need to take place, as the client honours their new frequency. The client then sets new boundaries and personal rules of engagement, and therefore reduces his or her anxiety, creating a new lifestyle without the addiction, as the new beliefs systems, confidence and self-love, now take the driving seat.

A client’s readiness to change, past trauma, or current life circumstances, will also determine how quickly they heal, just as if someone has a very sick body, they often have a very unhealthy life (especially emotionally). Therefore, for some, their highest good, may be a gentle transition.

For others, healing can be lightning fast, and they can leave the retreat and completely change their life in a few weeks, and manifest their twin flame, fall pregnant, or boost their business to unheard of heights. As once you shift the old, you create space to attract to you your truest highest light.

Remember your body has a unique intelligence system, and when working in conjunction with your spirit, it will always delivery exactly what is needed for your highest potential.


All You Need to Do, Is Simply Remember How Innately Intelligent YOU AND YOUR BODY ARE, Trust the Process, and KNOW THAT EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS WORKING OUT IN YOUR BEST INTEREST!




Each Retreat will be held in Nadia’s Private Space, together with her Team of High Frequency Healers, to encourage the Ultimate Healing Environment.

Because Nadia has a Highly Sensitive Light Grid, that enables a great deal of light to be channelled and held, and all Healers are of an extremely High Frequency, it is important that attendees go through a thorough questionnaire process, to ensure the client is at a level that is ready for such an activation and cleanse.

You see, it is all well and good to cleanse at home, however living in the same environment with a Team of High Frequency Light Workers for 3-7 Days, much energy is shifted, and thus it is vital that the client has taken some form of healing steps in the past, or the frequency may be too confronting and the client will have extreme reactions and/or triggers, that may affect the other participants.

Just like most things in life, you have to learn to walk before run.




Numbers at the Retreat will be kept to a maximum of 3 per retreat, to ensure ALL participants are given plenty of intimate attention. A lot more can be achieved in these intimate environments, as the cells pick up and learn from the Healers Light, and thus incorporate these new healthier ways of functioning, which pays huge dividends!

Just like Humans, with “Monkey See – Monkey Do”, the same concept applies with your cells and energetic field, which learn and expand, just by being surrounded by high frequencies.

Plus, with the intimate environment, the management of energy in the Space, the agreement of boundaries and respect for each other’s space, and the utter kindness and unconditional love offered by Nadia and the other healers, it is impossible not to continually be upgrading and expanding, as we pride ourselves on creating a safe space (that means a space with no judgement of others, just complete unconditional love and acceptance) for you to trust the spiritual process taking place within your body, mind and soul, and therefore lift your average frequency.



3 Day Retreats:

10 out of 12 Retreats for the Year are 3 Days, with 2 overnight stays, starting on the Friday morning 9:30am and Ending on a Sunday night 6:30pm.

3 Day Retreats will be held monthly, and on dates which coincide with the New Moon. These will always be updated on the Website!

7 Day Retreats:

Twice a year, we will also hold a 7 Day Retreat, for those ready to go to the next level. Please ask for more details on this, if you are interested, and Nadia will be More than Happy to Provide.

Note: There is a detailed application process for the 7 Day Retreats


The location of the Retreat will be Yaroomba, Sunshine Coast, where overnight accommodation for Friday night and Saturday night at the Retreat is included.

The exact address and details will be provided once the booking has been made.



What’s Included?

  • 3 Days/ 2 Nights of beautiful accommodation
  • 3 Days of Organic Freshy Made Juices and/or Activated Water
  • 1 x Healing Massage
  • 1 x High Frequency Healing Session
  • Light Language Activation for clients whom are ready & open
  • 2 x Breathwork sessions
  • 2 x Nurturing Yoga Session (Yin and Flow)
  • Detox Body Scrub
  • Sound Healing Session
  • 1 x Meditation
  • Beach Walks/Dance (transport provided)
  • Personal Belief Busting & Reiki session with Nadia
  • 1 x Reiki Sessions with Nadia
  • Goal Setting Session
  • Enemas (Yah! 😊) and a free enema kit
  • 4 x Jam packed information sessions about Nadia K’s personal learnings in health and healing throughout her 12 years of fasting, learning about where disease comes from, real food vs fake food, leaving you with practical tools to take home, ready to implement into your daily life and routines.

Note: Extra massages and reiki sessions can be purchased prior to or during the Retreat, if more of these services are preferred. We recommend ordering prior to ensure we can fit in with your schedule.


Facility Inclusions & Sessions Explained in Detail:




Teachings & Information Sessions by Nadia K

These are Nadia’s specialty. One of her favourite things to do, is to share her story about what has helped her heal her 4 auto immune diseases, as well as channel in any relevant information needed or called upon at the time.


Nadia will Focus on 4 main Topics:

Real Food vs Fake Food – In this session, Nadia delves into the isles of the Supermarket, the Superfoods, the “Health Food Section”, Organic vs Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Fat Free, Sugar Free, Preservatives, and cuts right through the Marketing, so you know what is actually healthy life force fuel for your body, rather than fake food.

How Disease Starts in the Body – With this section, Nadia dives into the core of what dis-ease really is all about. How it often starts, the main causes, and then talks about how the Medical Industry treats disease, compared with Natural Therapies & then her learnings of both and all in-between.

Healing Disease – This section focuses on how Nadia healed her 4 autoimmune diseases, and what measures were necessary in her healing journey, and those she got completely got wrong. Nadia will offer you insights from her 12 years of personal study and personal experience about what worked and what didn’t, which she promises you, will be one of the most valuable sessions of your life!

How to Eat Moving Forward – This, although is never a 1 box fits all, is so important to understand! Not the correct way to eat, but the correct way to eat FOR YOU! Which Nadia preaches so heavily!

This session is about learning how to communicate and listen to your body, as well as understanding that although we are light beings in a physical body, that we still do have a physical vessel, and this physical vessel still needs nourishment, at the level of growth, health and ascension we are at.

This will be an extremely valuable take home gift, and one topic that is dear to Nadia’s heart.

Nadia is confident you will enjoy these information sessions as much as she does, as you will witness when Nadia lights up like a Christmas Tree, when sharing her Passion and Knowledge, especially if her Guides come in and say hi!


Other Inclusions:

Epic Views – One of the most beautiful parts of this retreat, is taking in the Epic Views of Mount Coolum. This mountain has a strong Healing Frequency, which when taken in, provides the most amazing Earthing and Grounding frequencies, which keep us in the present moment, so we are better able to receive all that we ask the universe for. This Mountain has been a monumental part of Nadia’s healing! And those who wish to climb during the Retreat, are most Welcome.



Private Bedroom with Shared Bathroom – Each Retreat participant will have their own private bedroom with a shared bathroom. Shampoo, conditioner and specific detoxing body wash will be provided, as well as towels, linen and other essentials.



Divine Juices – This is Nadia K’s Signature. Her divine Juices.

Each juice is freshly made, cold pressed, using organically sourced produce, spray and chemical free, activated via Tesla Technology and infused with Reiki and Universal Healing Energy, to make these juices the catalyst and the foundation for phenomenal healing to take place.

Juices will be tailored to the client’s health requirements and what the client wants to achieve physically, and will incorporate home grown healing herbs, depending on these intentions.

These beautiful High Frequency Juices are the signature of the Brand, and will be the main facilitator of the Miracles we set out to achieve!

As each juice is activated, each with their unique job to do in the body, they work as a team, to shift toxins, and feed your cells the highest vibrational fuel possibly.




For Prices of Both 3 Day and 7 Day Retreats, Please Download the Retreat Information Booklet HERE



How to Book Your Spot at Nadia K’s Retreats:

If this experience resonates with you, and that little inner voice in your gut is nudging you towards this direction and screaming YES go this way!!!.

Then your first point of call is to Download the Information Booklet HERE and have a Good Read Through to Understand what’s Involved and what’s included.

Once read through, you will then need to choose a date, from the dates below.

Once your ideal date has been chosen, you will then need to email Nadia K at info@juicingwithnadiak.com with your chosen date of preference or to schedule a chat to answer any questions, if required.

Nadia will then send you an Application Form/Health Questionnaire to fill in and return at your earliest convenience.

Once Nadia receives the Application Form/Health Questionnaire, and requirements have been met, you will receive an email of Congratulations confirming your tentative booking, in which a $500 non-refundable deposit is required, in order to secure your spot.

Note: The moment this deposit is paid, and you commit to this Experience, Your Body Knows, and the Healing Begins!! SO ENJOY THIS PROCESS!

Remember Your Body is an Infinite Intelligent Being, and nothing brings us more Joy, than to Watch You Step into Your Full Power!

We Look Forward to You Joining Us on What will Be a Life Changing Retreat!

With Much Love, Light & Gratitude,

Nadia xx



Upcoming Retreat Dates:

Juicing Retreat Places

3 spots will be available each month for an intimate group to cleanse. Due to the extremely small intake, we suggest you book and plan your retreat well ahead of time.

Upcoming 3 Day Juicing Retreat Dates for 2021:

  • Friday the 8th October – to Sunday the 10th October 2021 – in person (booked out)
  • Friday the 19th November – to Sunday the 21st November – in person (2 places available)


7 Day Juicing/Water Fasting Retreat – ADVANCED HEALING

  • Monday the 1st November – to Sunday the 7th November 2021 – **Application Only** (2 places available)

To secure your spot, simply Download the Retreat Information Booklet HERE, and read through carefully, choose your preferred date, and lastly email Nadia at info@juicingwithnadiak.com with your date and intentions for the Retreat.

You will then be given an Application Form/Questionnaire to Fill Out, and if accepted, you may secure your spot by transferring a non-refundable $500 Deposit, and then the remainder of monies, 2 weeks prior to the retreat.

Congratulations in your dedication to your health, and we sincerely look forward hearing from you and Welcoming You to this Transformational Retreat!

With Love & Appreciation

Nadia xx


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