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1 on 1 Healing Sessions with Nadia K

Healing sessions with Nadia K go for a period of 1 Hour and are all Recorded on Zoom, so you may replay at your leisure.

A great deal can be achieved in this hour, if you are ready and open.
Each session is different, as Nadia is Intuitively Guided throughout.
Nadia works with multiple energies and guides (who make their way into the session)
All advice via these guides and collective energies are communicated to you via the session

In the Session Nadia will:

– Shift Energetic Blockages & Activate Your Light Grid
-Bring Awareness to your Gifts & Offer Suggestion for things for you to Look Deeper Into

Shifts are made either verbally, energetically and/or via light communication
Nadia is very direct with her approach and outcome focused. She looks to achieve the best possible result in the time she has with you.

Note: All sessions offer a Vibrational Offering/Healing as per requested by your soul coming into the session.

After the Session:

After the Session and for the next 48 hours – certain shifts will take place.
You may feel differently, see the world differently, and/or think differently. This is all adjustments to a newly adapted Higher Frequency state of being.

You should leave the session feeling lighter and with more clarity for your next steps forward.

On some occasions, you may feel light headed and need to sleep.
Please drink plenty of water after the session.

NadiaK 239

The Exchange for this Session is:

$385 AUD for the General Public
$325 AUD for Juice Cleansing Clients

Note: Recordings will be sent to you straight after the session.

To Book a Session – simply email [email protected] and you will be given the next available slot.

Note: There may be a wait period of up to 3 months, depending on Nadia’s schedule and availability.

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