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Legal Letter – Statement of Request for Private Medical Information



Legal Letter – Statement of Request for Private Medical Information

NOTE: Please encourage others to purchase a copy of this letter, to both respect the IP, and to help contribute to the costs of a Mass Class Action Law Suit against Businesses and Individuals enforcing these ILLEGAL mandates on their Employees/Workers.

NOTE: Please also document any poor treatment, bullying, harassment and other forms of coercion and blackmail from your Employer, as this will used in an Affidavit as part of your participation in the Class Action.

This letter has been carefully drafted and formulated for you to keep your current employment, under both the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

It is vital that you provide this letter to your employer BEFORE you disclose any information about your vaccination status, what you plan to do, or ANY Private Medical Information to them at work.

If you have already let them know your intentions not to vaccinate, this is ok, just stop now disclosing what you are choosing to do, and share with no one at work!

NOTE: It is imperative that you do not discuss your medical information with anyone (at work), in order for this letter to be effective.


This letter gives your employer the choice of either admitting to committing a Federal Offense (in writing), by asking for your medical information, and being included into a Mass Class Action Law Suit,

Or (which we aim for)

Your Employer Choosing not to ask you for your Private Medical Information, in which nothing changes for you, and you continue working with your company/employer, without any discrimination or questioning on your medical status whatsoever.

This letter is extremely effective; however YOU MUST NOT disclose your status about whether you choose to vaccinate or not, OR ANY private medical information at that, once you hand them the letter and have made your final choice, or you will be contradicting the letter and choosing to freely disclose your Private Medical Information.

For those employers who wish to ignore this letter, and cease your employment, based on you choosing NOT to provide your private medical information, I ask that you contact me, so as to include them in a Mass Class Action Law Suit on individuals and businesses for breach of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, and the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.


How to keep your job?


  • Purchase/Download the Letter
  • Fill in all the required information (which is in red)
  • Once done, change all colour of all text on the document, to black
  • Print off the letter
  • Sign the Letter
  • Take a copy of the letter (for yourself to keep)
  • And give the original signed letter to your employer, person whom is asking for your medical information

Again, please DO NOT under any circumstances disclose your vaccination status to them (once you have made your final choice), or anyone at work, or this letter may not be effective.

NOTE: If choosing not to vaccinate, this letter does NOT require you to have a Medical Exemption, when using.

It is imperative that you understand that Federal Law overrides State Law, and that Mandates DO NOT constitute as law, and that any employer or business owner whom asks you to provide your medical information, as a requirement to work, is in breach of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, which is a Federal Offense.

I want to congratulate you for having the courage to stand up for your Rights!

Although this is not a Guarantee that you will keep your employment, you will certainly be standing up for your Rights, especially if you are prepared to have them included in a class action law suit!

This works well, if you stand strong, firm and DO NOT fall for sweet talk by your employer or the “my hands are tied” rubbish. Just hand them the letter and zip the lip about your Vaccination Status!

The more people that are educated in, and take action on this process, is how we retain our freedoms moving forward.

You’ve Got This!

With Much Love & Respect



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