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Tesla’s 5G House Plate

Tesla’s 5G House Plate with white background

Telsa’s Oyster House Plate is specially produced to combat 5G, Wi-Fi, Mobile Phone Towers, Satellites, Radar and High Voltage power lines, from high density communication areas.

The Oyster House Plate covers an area of ¾ of a hectare (1¼ acres) and is strong enough to cover multi storey buildings up to 12 stories high, covering 12 floors (6 above and 6 below, where the Oyster House Plate has been positioned).

Tesla’s Oyster House Plate is by far the most popular house plate, and is used for units, houses, apartments and multi-story buildings, counteracting the harmful effects of Geopathic Stress, Wi-Fi and 5G Networks.

5G networks generate radiofrequency radiation that harshly damage our DNA, leading to cancer, as well as causing oxidative stress to cells, premature aging, disrupting cell metabolism, which lead to other diseases, through the generation of unhealthy stress proteins in the body.

Low doses of Radio Frequency radiation over a long period time are linked to cancer, headaches, depression, anxiety, sleep issues and other ailments. However 5G with their stronger and higher radio frequencies, the effects of this; will no doubt lead to serious skin issues, neurological diseases and cancer developing at an even faster rate!


5G on palm treeLarge 5G Tower5G in back yard of unit complex


How Does the Oyster House Plate Work?

Tesla’s Oyster House Plate produces a specific energy (non-Hertzian), which alters the frequencies from: Mobile Phone Towers, Satellites, Wi-Fi, Radar and High Voltage power lines rendering them biologically compatible with our energy fields.

In the process of doing this, it also energises the plant and animal life on your property. This means that your vegetable garden, flowers, animals and soil will all receive the benefits of added life force energy, and will not be harmed by radiofrequencies waves, with added effect of eliminating GMOs from your soil.

The Oyster House Plate works well with the Electron Stabiliser, as when placed in a work place environment, together with the Electron Stabiliser, workers will become calmer and less stressed. This is ideal if you own a business, as you can completely change the energetic environment of an office or organisation, and make for a happier, healthier, more efficient work place!

In a home, Tesla’s House Plate will instantly have a calming effect, to not only your home, making it more peaceful, but to your neighbours two houses either side and across the road.


Nadia K holding Tesla’s 5G House Plate


Benefits and Uses of Tesla’s Oyster House Plate

  • Counteracts the effects of Wi-Fi and new 5G Towers
  • Counteracts the effects of Mobile Phone Towers and Satellites
  • Counteracts the effects of Radar and High Voltage Power Lines
  • The electrical currents coming from Ley Lines, Rivers and Streams
  • Adds life force to all Living Plants, Animals and Wild Life on your property
  • Eliminates GMOs from your Soil, ensuring Plants and Vegetables Grow Fuller and Healthier
  • Providing Calmer, Happier and Increases Productivity in Work Places
  • Bringing Dying Plants Back to Life
  • Improving Sleep
  • Clears negative or uncomfortable energies in a home
  • Lessens Stress and Anxiety
  • Calming your neighbours
  • Aids Healing when used as a fan (up and down reflexology points)
  • Releases toxins in the body, if held directly to specific areas of concern (Note: you will need to drink plenty of water when you do this, as to flush away the toxins!)
  • Helps to heal an incapacitated person, in this case, place the House Plate under their chest area with the concave side facing upwards towards the body for about 25mins and repeat every 24 hours.


As mentioned Tesla’s Oyster House Plate removes uncomfortable energies in a house, much like an energetic house clearing. (To do this, hold the house plate with thumb on the concave side, and face the plate down whilst you sweep energy from the ceiling, down the walls onto the floor and out the door. You will instantly notice a much clearer and lighter feel in the room as soon as you have finished.

NOTE: Tesla’s Farm and 8 Sided House Plate can also be used for house clearing.

NOTE: Energetic house clearing can cost anywhere from $250 – $450 for a full energetic house clearing and will pay for itself in regards to keeping your house clean from negative density/energy.


Lady holding Tesla’s 5G House Plate


Reported Benefits from Clients Using Tesla’s Oyster House Plate:

  • A lady reported that she was having issues with an abusive neighbour for a number of years, in which he would abuse most of the neighbours on a weekly basis, whilst being continuously loud and disruptive. After purchasing Tesla’s Oyster House Plate, she rang 2 months later, saying that she had not heard anything from her neighbour since the purchase of the house plate and to her and her neighbours, this was a miracle!
  • Another lady reported that after purchasing Tesla’s Oyster House Plate, her roses began to flourish again in her front garden, after not flowering for the last few years.
  • Many clients have reported better quality sleep and an overall feeling of calmness and peace in their home
  • Several mothers reported their children not being as hyperactive almost immediately after purchasing and using Tesla’s Oyster House Plate and that they were happier in general.
  • One man with an extra sensory gift, reported seeing the haze around the power lines in front of his house and 3 houses either side, change from a dark grey, to a radiating blue, almost instantly after fitting both an electron stabiliser and a house plate to his home.


Where to Position the Oyster House Plate?

The Oyster House Plate can be positioned anywhere in your house, from the coffee table, under the bed, kitchen bench or dining table, however it should not touch metal directly.

NOTE: If you have Intense above ground Geopathic Stress, such as high voltage power lines or phone towers near your home, place the Oyster House Plate concave side facing up (but not under your bed).


Tesla’s 5G House Plate in nature


Your home is YOUR SPACE, and deserves to be free from Geopathic Stress and 5G radio frequency.

If you have Wi-Fi in your home or live in a high density area, the Oyster House Plate is a Must!


We at Juicing with Nadia K, have access to All Tesla Products at a 10% Discount Price from the Makers, for all clients and customers who purchase through the website.

RRP = $650 AU per Oyster House Plate

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Tesla’s 5G House Plate with white background

What is Geopathic Stress and How does it affect us?

Geopathic Stress can be any of three things:

  • Above ground Geopathic Stress
  • Ley lines
  • Underground water


Above Ground Geopathic Stress: This includes high tension wires, high voltage power lines, Satellites, Wi-Fi, 5G phone towers, train and tram lines.

Ley lines: The Earth has many geo-electromagnetic field lines crossing its surface. These rise up through the earth and are called Ley lines.

Underground Water: The Earth also has many subterranean rivers and streams.

Just like our bodies, these rivers, streams and Ley lines, hold electrical currents which radiate to homes and people living amongst and around these areas.

Highly sensitive individuals will especially be affected by these negative earth energies, which is what we call the “effects of Geopathic Stress”.

Geopathic Stress can cause sensitive individuals to lose physical strength, energy & emotional stability. Many illnesses that are claimed to be caused by Geopathic Stress include; feeling fatigued even after a good night’s sleep, aching muscles & joints, emotional over-sensitivity, hyperactivity & aggression.

Geopathic Stress causes a weakness of the immune system, which if continually exposed, leads to an inability to absorb nutrients properly, which causes headaches, depression, anxiety & starved cells, causing over eating. Geopathic Stress has shown to also cause unwanted paranormal activity.


Large 5G tower Large powerlines Lady under stress from Radiation Symptoms


Geopathic Stress lowers your immune system & your ability to fight off viruses & bacteria and places a continuous stress on your DNA. Over a period of years, it begins to seriously disrupt your metabolism on a molecular scale.

Nikola Tesla knew it to be vital that we can counteract the effects of Geopathic Stress in our home environment, where we sleep and recover, and therefore created his (this) very technology to counteract such effects.

For Detailed Information on How Tesla’s House Plate & Tesla’s Innovational Technology Works, Download the Free Information Booklet HERE

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