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When you look around at the Mother Nature and her beauty, when she is healthy, alive and thriving, she is rich and green 


In each moment and experience, we are generally moving in a direction towards life or towards death. This depends on what we are seeing, saying, hearing, thinking, eating, drinking or who we are spending time with etc. Depending on these variables, this will either lift us higher in vibration towards health, peace and happiness or lower our vibration towards anxiety, depression and sickness.

And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the better way to go.

So what’s so Spiritually Powerful about Greens?

The colour green in the spiritual concept of chakras is LOVE. And LOVE is highest vibration of life force energy which delivers the most healing, and is the bridge from body to spirit.

Green Juices do not just deliver the physical healing benefit of alkaliizing our system through a concentrated amount of alkalizing greens and powerful herbs, the colour itself, which is intensified with the the life force energy ‘reiki’ that is transmuted into each juice, provides a whole new level of healing to the heart and THE HIGHEST HEALING OCCURS AT ANY LEVEL, FROM ACCESSING AND CONSUMING THE POWER OF LOVE!

Not only are green juices an Insanely Powerful Drink to Heal your Mind, Body and Spirit, they allow you to cope with the dense energies we face on a daily basis!

For instants, by drinking 1-2 green juices a day, you have given your body all the nutrition it needs to balance out the acid forming foods, toxins and stresses that we often face or consume on a regular basis, and cause us to tip the scales in our body to acidosis, which is a breeding ground for disease.

Therefore if consuming 1-2 green juices a day balances out the everyday stresses of life and allows us to get through the hard times without compromising our health, can you imagine what 3 days of green juices can to, or a whopping 7 DAYS!!… OMG!!

You begin to really understand the healing effects of juice cleansing on greens for 3-7 days, as your body adapts a complete Alkaline state for this period, where even a negative thought does not survive for long ;p let alone disease! In this state, the body simply has no choice but to rid toxins, negative self-sabotaging toxic thought patterns and dis-serving beliefs.

These longer cleanses on the Greens, Completely Change Your Life, they heal you on every energy level, and when strong intentions are set, this intensifies the remarkable results of the cleanse.
The sky really is the limit with Green Cleanses and YOU HOLD THE KEY in your INTENTIONS and OPENNESS TO RECEIVING LOVE from each and every green juice you consume!

So don’t underestimate the Power of Greens!

Remember 4 x 3-5 Day Juice Cleanses is the Maintenance Plan your body requires to stay healthy, live longer and thrive towards manifesting your life’s goals.

And as we service our car 4 times a year, we need to take the same care of our physical body, our most prize vehicle that we have been given for this life.

Happy Juicing and Love your Greens 

Nadia x

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