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About Nadia K

Nadia K at door - about page

Nadia is a big bright sparkling ball of enthusiasm, who lights up those around her, with her almost endless positive energy. She is an avid Entrepreneur, Obsessed with Personal Development, Health, Diet and Fitness and lives her life via the instructions of her Spiritual Guidance.

Nadia is a qualified Hypnotherapist, Master Reiki Practitioner, Personal Trainer and specialises in Nutrition, Detoxification, Spirituality & Healing, where her passion lies.

Nadia has been:

  • Juice Cleansing Quarterly (4 times a year), for over 10 + years,

in which she still incorporates Quarterly Cleansing into her Health Routine.

In her Spiritual & Healing Journey, Nadia has undergone:

  • 5 x 10 Day Water Fasts
  • 1 x 40 Day Juice Fast
  • 2 x 22 Day Water Fasts

And Contributes her Health & Spiritual Growth to these Fasts, as each Cleanse Undertaken, Nadia says; “Gifted a Transformational Healing in My Life”.

Nadia currently offers Health Consultations for Individuals who suffer from inflammation and autoimmune diseases, and Distance Healing Sessions. 

Nadia prides herself on holding the present moment with people, so that they may receive the necessary insight to move forward on their healing path, and get on with doing what they are here to do in this lifetime.

At the age of 21, Nadia was diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, 2 Liver Diseases (Auto-Immune Hepatitis & Primary Biliary Cirrhosis), Hypothyroidism, Chronic Malnutrition and Depression.

Nadia took the medical route and by age 24 was popping 13 pharmaceutical tablets a day, unable to work full time, and joints so swollen that her mother would have to dress her some mornings and nights, due to the excessive pain and swelling in Nadia’s joints.

After seeking opinions from Numerous Doctors & Specialists, each told Nadia that she would never be able to work full time, or play sports again, and that her life would consist of pain management.

Not resonating with this gloomy diagnosis of her future, Nadia took her health into her own hands and went down the natural healing approach.

She didn’t know how or what, but just knew from her current experience, that the medication was making her worse, and anything was better than living with the constant pain that she suffered daily.

At Nadia’s darkest hour, after crawling her way back to bed, she completely broke down and cried for hours on end through the night. In this time she pleaded to God to help her get healthy again, as she couldn’t live like this anymore. Eventually out of utter emotional exhaustion, she fell asleep, and somehow felt a little lighter the next day.

The next morning, her uncle visited her and was the most energetic he had ever been. After enquiring about where his new found energy came from, with a big smile on his face, he recommended a Naturopath, which Nadia, just knew she had to go see!! In which she eagerly rang up and booked an appointment that day!

After visiting the Naturopath, it was 5 words that the Naturopath stated, that completely changed Nadia’s Life!

Nadia K with juices on grass
Nadia holding juice in clinical setting, speaking to a client
Nadia sitting in nature with green juice in hand
Nadia sitting at a table with Juices in front of her and holding an apple in hand
Nadia sitting on the stairs with Tesla in her hand

These words were: “You Can Heal From This” – which Nadia knew was the Absolute Truth! Which no one had ever said to her before.

Nadia, with the guidance of her Naturopath & Juice Cleansing, was then able to make the necessary changes in her diet and lifestyle, to taper off of all of her medications by the age of 30.

During this time (from 24 to 30), Nadia became obsessed with understanding the true cause and effects of disease, and learning about how the body healed naturally.

After attending multiple Juice Fasting Retreats and experiencing the Present Moment for the first time, and learning to connect Spiritually with her Guides, and the unseen, Nadia’s intuition led her to the Sunshine Coast QLD, to study Detoxification, Reiki Healing, Natural Health Remedies and to discover her True Self and her Intuitive Gifts and Purpose.

Nadia took on the Personal Spiritual Journey existing of peeling off the toxic mental and emotional layers, healing her trauma, and detoxing her body through intermittent fasting, juice and water fasting, and a self-made detoxification healing regime, based on all she had learned, channeled and experienced.

This process naturally birthed: “Juicing with Nadia K” – An opportunity for people to heal from ANYTHING, in the comfort of their own home.


Today Nadia still lives and breathes Health, Wellness, Spirituality and Entrepreneurship, but with her Inspired Light Turned On and with a Conscious Mind.

Her Passion is to Help People Heal their Body, Mind and Emotions through her Juice Cleanses, DIY Juicing Programs, Healing Sessions, and her Health Consultations.

Nadia is a Bundle of Positive Energy and takes Great Pleasure in seeing others Grow, Develop and Become the Highest & Brightest Version of Themselves, Shining Health, Vibrancy & Happiness!

To Say Nadia is Obsessed about what she does, is an understatement!

Fortunately it is this Obsession with Health, Juice Cleansing, Spirituality and Healing, that allows Nadia to offer a Premium Service to her clients, allowing them to heal at rapid speeds.

Nadia Truly Believes Everyone Has the Power to Heal, we just simply need to provide the right environment for the Body’s Innate Intelligence to Do What it Does Best – Restore Balance, Health, Harmony & Coherence.


“To Heal, Is to Return the Body Back to a State of Coherence”
Nadia sitting on a couch next to a juice

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