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Tesla’s Child Pendants (New Born to 8 years of age)



Tesla’s Child Pendants act in the same way as Teenager Pendants, but are designed for the frequency and growth formation of a new born child through to age 8 years of age.

These pendants help children keep their natural electrical frequencies pure and auric fields clean, through the critical time of brain formation and emotional and mental growth, which happens in the first 7 years from birth!

Wearing these pendants better help children cope with the unseen world of harmful frequencies and helps them to develop their mental and emotional bodies in a healthy way, without interference of their natural electrical auric field, keeping them calm and less reactive to outside stresses.

How Do They Help Children?

When worn concave side over the thymus gland, this helps children with the following:

– Strengthens their auric field and immune system, to help cease the effects of EMRs & EMFs
– Continually lifts their vibrational frequency
– Keeps their auric energy cool
– Aids with mental and emotional development
– Helps to keep children calmer, more peaceful and less reactive to outer toxins
– Helps to lessen the effects of sun burn
– Treat pain, cuts, burns and bruises – simply place pendant on the affected area
– Helps children to sleep better
– Helps teens with depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies
– Helps to keep teenagers energy fields clean and thus less scattered from the effects of unseen electromagnetic frequencies and electromagnetic radiations

The Child Pendant is available in 5 different Oval Patterns, as shown below, which is slightly smaller than an Adult Oval Pendant.

Once the Child pendant has been worn for more than 12 hours consecutively, it can no longer be worn by another child. So please ensured these are not shared with, or warn by other children.

As with all pendants, the Child’s Pendant, is positioned concave facing the body over the thymus area, and comes with an adjustable waxed cotton cord so it can be worn around the neck.


RRP $80

10% OFF = $70
(Please choose style and colour from the charts above)

Postage: $15 Express Post Australia Wide

International Postage: $30

Dispatch: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Note: All Tesla Products are sent out with an instruction manual

Additional information


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Child Pendants


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