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Tesla’s Large Spiritual Plate


Teslas Large Spiritual Plate

Tesla’s Large Spiritual plate is by far one of Tesla’s most exciting products!

It is designed for individuals, to clear away blockages, align with our higher selves, and to tap into, develop and enhance our own unique spiritual gifts and talents!

Tesla’s Large Spiritual Plate will allow you to lift to higher levels of frequency and to connect with the non-physical world, as well as lift you up from low thinking and help you embrace life with colour and positivity. Using this plate will help you rid limiting beliefs, see more clearly and better connect to the spiritual side of your life.

This means helping you to tap into and expand on your true spiritual gifts and talents!

We all come to this Earth with unique gifts to offer, and finding out what they are, enhancing them, and then utilising them, adds a whole new level of excitement and fulfilment into your life!

When using Tesla’s Spiritual Plate, YOU WILL KNOW WHAT TO DO, just following what Intuitively Feels Good to You – And together you will gain and learn incredible insights to your gifts!




We at Juicing with Nadia K, have access to All Tesla Products at a 10% Discount Price from the Makers, for all clients and customers who purchase through the website.


10% OFF = $665  (RRP $732)

Postage: $15 Express Post Australia Wide

International Postage: $30

Note: All Tesla Purchases are sent out with an instruction manual

Note: This technology was handed down to the makers, with specific instructions and intent, by Nikola Tesla himself (the greatest discoverer/inventor of all time, who invented electricity as well as 1600 patented inventions! No other company has access to this technology and the results have been life changing with the makers called all over the world to help with Global EMF, EMR issues.

Nikola Tesla was light years ahead of his time and not only invented free energy but his technology (almost like a radio tunes to a station), captures universal energy from the Central Sun, in the unique frequency patterns set in the Tesla Plates, to strengthen our energy fields – ALWAYS LIFTING US HIGHER IN OUR FREQUENCY and combatting the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiations, mobile phone radiation, 5G and Wi-Fi.

We thank the makers for following Nikola Tesla’s instructions, and it is an honour to share this with the public in a transparent manner, so we can all benefit from the gift that Nikola Tesla left future generations.

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