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Tesla’s 5G Essential Kit



Tesla’s 5G Essential Kit is for Individuals wanting the bare essentials needed to combat EMRs, EMFs, Geopathic Stress, Wi-Fi and 5G radiation.
It contains the vital components which allow for a safe house, and provide a handy 15% discount if purchased through the Juicing with Nadia K website or order form.
NOTE: It does not include a computer plate or water kit, these are included in Tesla’s Individual 5G House Kit.

What’s included in Tesla’s 5G Essential Kit?
• 1 x Oyster House Plate – $589
• 1 x Adult Pendant – $105
• 1 x Phone Tag Set – $130
• 1 x Pocket Plate – $130
• 1 x Electron Stabiliser – $615

Total Value = $1569

15 % Kit Discount = $1320 (save $249)


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