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Tesla’s Large Practitioner Plate



Large Practitioner Plate

Tesla’s Large Practitioner Plate works as a powerful healing plate, much like the Small Practitioner plate, but at a faster healing rate.

The Practitioner Oval Plates date back to the Egyptian era & are seen in the hieroglyphics & drawings of oval shape like objects worn over the third eye of the Kings, Queens, Gods and Goddesses.

The Practitioner Plates were developed to give Practitioners extra protection from energies & entities.

The size of this plate, makes it ideal to work fast and is perfect for distance healing on sick individuals or groups.

In a Practitioner healing session, these plates are best to be placed under the massage table of the client, concave side facing up.  The client will automatically go into an Alpha state, allowing the Practitioner’s work to be more effective.

Both Practitioner Plates (Large and Small) are excellent for placing over cuts, as they reduce the flow of bleeding, as well as effectively and quickly stop pain, heal scaring and minor burns, help bruising diminish & increases the overall body’s healing process.

Reiki Practitioners will often feel the energy coming from the Large Plates as warm. This generally means the plate is hard at work! However when the affected is healing, the client will generally feel the energy as cooling.

NOTE: Do not place any of Tesla’s Plates on the top of your head (crown chakra).

The most effective placement of all Tesla’s Plates, is with the concave side facing the affected area.



We at Juicing with Nadia K, have access to All Tesla Products at a 10% Discount Price from the Makers, for all clients and customers who purchase through the website.


RRP $370

10% OFF = $335

Postage: $15 Express Post Australia Wide

International Postage: $45

Dispatch: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Note: All Tesla Purchases are sent out with an instruction manual

Note: This technology was handed down to the makers, with specific instructions and intent, by Nikola Tesla himself (the greatest discoverer/inventor of all time, who invented electricity as well as 1600 patented inventions! No other company has access to this technology and the results have been life changing with the makers called all over the world to help with Global EMF, EMR issues.

Nikola Tesla was light years ahead of his time and not only invented free energy but his technology (almost like a radio tunes to a station), captures universal energy from the Central Sun, in the unique frequency patterns set in the Tesla Plates, to strengthen our energy fields – ALWAYS LIFTING US HIGHER IN OUR FREQUENCY and combatting the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiations, mobile phone radiation, 5G and Wi-Fi.

We thank the makers for following Nikola Tesla’s instructions, and it is an honour to share this with the public in a transparent manner, so we can all benefit from the gift that Nikola Tesla left future generations.


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