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Enema Kit



2 Litre Premium Silicone Enema Kit

Why Enema Kits are so Important whilst Juice Cleansing?

Each time you juice cleanse, you loosen and break down a great degree of stored mucus, acid crystals and toxic debris from your body, ready to be eliminated through the relevant channels of elimination.

The toxins are generally released into the intestinal tract, ready for a bowel movement. However, if these toxins stay there for too long, they can cause all sorts of symptoms, as the body tries to deal with the overload of toxins. There is also a risk that these toxins are reabsorbed into the bloodstream, because there is too much of a work load for the liver and kidneys to eliminate all at once.

This will then undo all of the hard work of breaking down the toxins in the first place, if they are only then reabsorbed and stored back into the body again!

This is why doing daily enemas with your juice cleanses is almost essential (especially if you are not having regular bowel movements).

By including daily enemas, you can ensure that all the toxins you have dissolved and loosened up during the juice cleansing process, are eliminated instantly from your gastro tract.

By doing this, you will obtain the most out of your juice cleanse and it will become a more comfortable and enjoyable cleanse.

For instructions on how to do an enema please download the pamphlet in the link below.

Enema kit pamphlet

Click here to learn more

Enemas can also be used on a regular basis when not cleansing. They are brilliant for keeping the intestinal tract healthy and clean, and terrific for controlling emotional outbursts and irritations. Enemas help those who suffer with bloating as well as digestive issues and are a fabulous way to hydrate the bowel. Doing an enema will instantly clear your mind, clear your emotions and settle any irritations or discomforts in your body. Enema kits are an all-round life savour and should be included in one’s essential body care tool kit.   Why purchase the Silicone Enema Kit? Silicone Enema Kits are the premium of enema kits available on the market today and will last you 1-2 years when using regularly with your juice cleanses. These kits will save you hundreds of dollars on colonics and allow you to reap the benefits of an intestinal tract cleanse in the comfort of your own home. This kit is durable and safe to use repeatedly and includes an open top and a 2 litre capacity which allows ease of use. The open top transparent silicon bag makes it easier to clean and allows it to dry thoroughly in-between uses. Product Features:

  • Premium transparent durable silicone enema bag
  • Easy to hang hook
  • 2 litre liquid holding capacity
  • 30cm flexible silicon tube
  • Silicone tip for easy use
  • Water flow control clamp

Instructions for Use: To download the full instructions of how to do an enema, please click the link below. Enema kit pamphlet  


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