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Tesla 5G Large Property / Farm Kit (Strongest Oyster for Wi-Fi & 5G)



**Recommended for Farms or Large Properties in High Density Areas, Large Businesses and Skyscrapers

Tesla’s 5G Large Power Kit is for individuals/farmers, couples and families, large homes in high density areas, factories, large business areas or large buildings, needed full resource of Tesla’s technolgies to combat EMRs, EMFs, Geopathic Stress, Wi-Fi and 5G radiation, as well as taking care of electromagnetic fields in the car, farm equipment, from computer screens, electricity and water supply on their farm or acreage property.
It contains all the essential components needed that allow for a healthy farm and large home environment, which encourages healthy crops, soil, water and harmony for all wild life and peace for all family members, along with all the features of the other kits, ensuring you and home energy fields are bullet proof to the effects of electromagnetic radiations and fields in all areas of your life.
It is the strongest of Tesla’s Kits and covers all areas needed, providing for a harmonious living environment within a 30 + acre radius. By purchasing online through Juicing with Nadia K or via our order form, you will receive a 20% Discount – download Tesla Prices and order form HERE.

What’s included in a Tesla 5G Large Property/Farm Kit?

• 1 x Farm Plate – $1,130
• 2 x Adult Pendants – $210
• 2 x Phone Tag Sets – $260
• 1 x Pocket Plate – $130
• 1 x Laptop Tag Set – $215
• 1 x Computer Plate – $149
• 1 x Car Plate – $450
• 1 x Electron Stabiliser – $615
• 1 x Water Kit – $299

Total Price = $3,458

20 % Discount Online Purchase = $2,777 (save $681)

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