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Electromagnetic Radiation (EMRs) are frequencies, transmitted through the atmosphere, coming from TVs, Radio waves, Phone Towers, Radars, X-Rays and Microwaves etc.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are the invisible electric and magnetic fields radiating away from man-made alternating electrical currents that move in electrical appliances in the home, office, car, bus and overhead tram and train lines.

Whenever an appliance is switched on, both electric & magnetic fields emanate, which is the electromagnetic fields (EMF). These fields radiate out at right angles from either the electrical wire or appliance. Below shows the magnetic field around a straight wire that is turned on. These wires, such as phone cords, hair drying cords or any wires or chord containing electricity, when turned on and holding them, or being near them, they mess with our body’s electrical system, because the human body is 75% mineralized water and is a proficient collector and conductor of electrical frequencies.

Diagram. 1. Magnetic field of a straight wire that is turned on


Diagram 1. Above: Shows the magnetic field of a straight wire when turned on, which the EMF is strong enough to penetrate concrete, bricks, human beings and our cell walls.

It is known by science that the electrical fields stop just below the surface of our skin but the magnetic fields pass through the human body. Magnetic fields form continuous loops in one direction until they fade away. Magnetic fields penetrate concrete, brick & human beings even our cell walls. This disrupts our fine electrical system!

Each of our cells contain a membrane wrapped around it, which is there to regulate many of the cell’s functions, allowing in materials (minerals, hormones etc) & messages. Experts theorise that the electrical currents, coming from EMFs, disrupt the delicate chemical balances of the cell membranes in our body, and European studies have shown that EMF exposure affects the signals going in & out of cells. This exposure if consistent, can lead to harmful effects on hormones and the way in which we process information, learn and focus, which is evident whenever one feels frazzled and stressed after staring at a computer screen for too long.

An electric field surrounds each charged particle all the time. A magnetic field occurs whenever electricity is on the move. For example, when your TV is turned off at the power point, the electric field imprint will still be there present in the atmosphere. However when the TV is turned on or on standby, the magnetic field will also be strong and reach out at the same length of the TV itself.

No human was made to live an entire lifetime surrounded by these appliances. Science now acknowledges that radioactivity, microwaves, X-Rays etc are now extremely harmful to the human body and lead to lowering our immune systems and even breaking down atoms from being exposed to X-Rays.

The fields from mobile phone chargers, TVs or refrigerator motors can reach a metre, but the field from a sub- station may radiate significantly high fields over a distance of several metres.

Our bodies are great receptors of this electrical energy. You can test this by touching a radio, and its reception will improve, or by touching a TV screen and its picture quality will get better. This is because your body starts receiving transmissions for the TV or radio as efficient as the antenna on your roof or radio!

Your body’s reception is the same for all electrical frequencies; Radar, Radio, Microwave and Mobile Phone etc. Just as the TV and Radio can be affected by external electrical interference, so too can your body.

We humans have a very delicate electrical system, which can be interfered with by our electrical surroundings. This interference can contribute to energy imbalances within our bodies, weakening our immune system and can lead to creating disease.

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