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Tesla’s Computer Plate



Tesla’s Computer Plate

We are not designed to be sitting in front of a computer screen 8 hours a day, yet many of us do and pay for it later. It is just so vital we protect our electrical systems and energy fields, as we know that the health of our energy reflects our thinking, our emotions, and thus what we manifest into our reality.

Just like a TV, there is an electromagnetic field that radiates out perpendicular from our computer and laptop screens in the same radius of the length of the screen, which pierces through our electrical energy barrier’s and causes stress in the body and messes with our neurological system.

Along with this, we have Wi-Fi and 5G, which pierces even harder into our cellular membranes, causing all sorts of chaos in the system.

Tesla’s Computer Plates effectively negate the effects of Electromagnetic Fields coming from Computer and Laptop Screens, VDU screens (Visual Display Units), as to keep our electrical energy undisturbed by the chaotic interference of EMF’s lingering in our energy fields.


Tesla’s computer plates also alleviate the stress coming from Wi-Fi and gaming devises, keeping our electrical energy field strengthened and harmonious with such devices.

When placed on top of the computer screen with the concave side facing down into the area just behind the screen, you should instantly notice the lack of eyestrain whilst using the computer or laptop.

NOTE: We recommend using the Computer Plate together with the Electron Stabaliser to ensure that all electrical chords, chargers and currents running into the computer or laptop are neutralised, as to ensure your energy is not disrupted.

Benefits of Tesla’s Computer Plate include:

  • Increases your focus and attention span
  • Clears your mind and allows for greater concentration
  • Stops computer eye strain
  • Increases productivity in the work place
  • Makes for a happier and more peaceful workplace
  • Adds life force into water (making it clearer and taste better)
  • Adds life force into food (adding sweetness and flavour)
  • Sweetens sour fruit
  • Brings to life unhealthy plants
  • Aids in the healing of chronic pain
  • Speeds up the healing process of injuries
  • Helps heal cuts, burns and bruises when placed on the affected area
  • Helps relieve head aches
  • Helps relive inflammation and arthritic pain
  • Increases productivity threefold


Lastly, Tesla’s Computer Plate aids in the maturing of poor quality or cheap wine, which is a God Send for Wine Lovers!!

Tesla’s Computer Plates have not only helped many sensitive individuals be able to tolerate their laptops for lengthened periods of time, without stress, which was a by-product of use in the past, but they have also managed to turn around entire work places, from once stressful and moody work colleagues, to a calm and productive environment, when a computer plate was provided at each work station. This alone has transformed businesses!!

Tesla’s Computer Plates are the Bees Knees of Counteracting Wi-Fi, Electromagnetic Radiation (EMRs) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) from work stations, laptops, gaming and computer screens, which is causing too much disharmony and thus dis-eases in the body, and is way too strong for the influx of gifted children who are extra sensitive, highly empath and intuitive, now coming into the world to teach us a lighter way of being!


RRP $165

10% OFF = $149

Postage: $15 Express Post Australia Wide

International Postage: $45

Dispatch: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Note: All Tesla Purchases are sent out with an instruction manual

Note: This technology was handed down to the makers, with specific instructions and intent, by Nikola Tesla himself (the greatest discoverer/inventor of all time, who invented electricity as well as 1600 patented inventions! No other company has access to this technology and the results have been life changing with the makers called all over the world to help with Global EMF, EMR issues.

Nikola Tesla was light years ahead of his time and not only invented free energy but his technology (almost like a radio tunes to a station), captures universal energy from the Central Sun, in the unique frequency patterns set in the Tesla Plates, to strengthen our energy fields – ALWAYS LIFTING US HIGHER IN OUR FREQUENCY and combatting the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiations, mobile phone radiation, 5G and Wi-Fi.

We thank the makers for following Nikola Tesla’s instructions, and it is an honour to share this with the public in a transparent manner, so we can all benefit from the gift that Nikola Tesla left future generations.


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