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Juicing with Nadia K is currently not servicing Juice Cleanses until further notice.

We are all taking a much needed break, to update our systems, training and procedures, so we can come back and offer you an even higher quality of product and service.
We apologise for any convenience this may cause, and we look forward to servicing you again soon.
Note: All other products and services are still available for purchase on this website

Health Consultation Packages with Nadia K

“To Heal, Is to Bring the Body Back to a State of Coherence”

Health Consultation Packages with Nadia K Consist of 2 Essential Parts:

– 1.5 Hour Zoom Consultation

– 30 Day Tailored Diet Program

Investment: $500 (ONLY $300 for the Month of February 2024)

SPECIAL OFFER: All Consultations Booked in the Month of February, Receive 40% OFF the Consultation Price!


“Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth”

Our Health is Our Greatest Wealth, and Without It, We Cannot Truly Live OUR LIFE to the FULLEST.

The State of Our Health IS Connected to the State of Our Personal Relationships, Connections with Ourselves, Our Body, Our Spirit and whether we are ON PURPOSE. So to Deny Our Health, is to Deny Our Life.



30 Day Diet Program

Diet programs are derived from 15 years’ experience of Nadia’s Health and Wellness Personal Protocols used to heal her from 4 Auto Immune Diseases, ridding her inflammation and coming off of taking 13 Pharmaceutical Tablets a day, to 0, with Shining Bloods.

The Diet Program used in these 30 days, is Tailored to Each Individual, Depending on their Current State of Health, and the Goals in which they Wish to Achieve.



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You Are The Healer:


It is Important to Understand that ‘You & Your Body Are the Healers’ and ‘You Hold the Power to Heal.’

All We Need To Do, Is Provide the Ideal Environment for the Body to do this NATURALLY!

The Body Knows How to Heal, It has the Built in Innate Intelligence to Do So.

We Simply Need to Get Out of the Way, and Stop Irritating It.

Complete Healing CAN take place in an Instant (if the frequency, intentions and power force directed is there), or it may months, or sometimes years.

You and Your Body Dictate the Outcome.

But Caring for the Mind, Body & Spirit are Key!

30 Day Diet Programs Provide Significant Results, so the Client Stays Inspired to Continue their Health Journey.


Specialised Programs


Nadia Specialises in Diet Programs for those whom wish to:

– Heal from Arthritis

– Heal from Gout

– Heal from Autoimmune Conditions

– Remove Parasites

– Reduce/Eliminate Pain & Inflammation

– Eliminate Bloating

– Build a Healthy Gut Bacteria

– Start their Health Journey


Booking a Health Consultation with Nadia K

To Book a Session – Simply email [email protected] with your Full Name, a little bit about yourself, the Health Goals in which You Wish to Achieve, and the Preferred Day of your Consultation.

Consultation Days are – Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Payment: Payment is to be made upfront.

Once payment is received, you will be provided with a Health Questionnaire, to fill out and return, prior to the booking of the Consultation.

Upon receiving your Completed Health Questionnaire, we will then book a suitable time for an hour and a half consultation with Nadia K.

All Health Consultations are via zoom.

This session will be question based, to dig deeper into where you are at, clarify your goals and intentions, and assess what is achievable for the 30 Day Health Plan that will be Catered Personally to you.

Once the Consultation has taken place, you will then receive your tailored 30 Day Health Plan emailed to you within 48 hours.

Note: There are strictly no refunds.

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Points to Consider Prior to Booking a Health Consultation:


The Moment YOU Commit to a 30 Day Diet / Health Consultation Package – Your Body Starts the Healing Process.

Nadia chooses only to work with those who ARE READY TO HEAL!

Nadia K will not consult to those who have “Mastered Health & Healing”. With this mind set, “The client is unteachable” and Healing is Blocked.

It is Important that you understand, that YOU ARE THE HEALER, and that You Take Full Accountability of Your Results.

Full Accountability is where Your Power Lies, and Following Your Intuitive Guidance is Your Number One Indicator of What is Right for You!


It All Comes Down to Intent, Belief, Surrendering to Your Bodies Innate Intelligence, And A Good Diet Plan!

We Are Excited to Have You Book Your Health Consultation Package With Us.


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