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Tesla’s Small Practitioner Plate

Nadia treating a client with Tesla's Small Practitioner Plate

As an Energy Healer/Practitioner, Tesla’s Small Practitioner Plate, strengthens the practitioner’s energy field whilst working, and assists the practitioner in not taking on the energies of the client.

These are also great for consultants who see regular clients face to face, as they can be easily worn, without notice, as are designed to fit in a shirt/blouse pocket.

If you are a healing practitioner, this plate should be worn by you during a session, and if working with past lives, this plate, when held horizontally behind the back of one’s head, accommodates this more easily.

Tesla's Small Practitioner Plate


For all Individuals, Tesla’s Small Practitioner Plate, aids in sending healing energy from a distance to family members, friends or loved ones, by placing the plate over a photograph of them.


They are a gift of love when owning and using to help others heal, as each time you help others heal, or send healing energy, you too heal as a result!

The universe is a magical world of attraction, and what we put out to the world, comes back three-fold!


Nadia treating a client's 3rd eye with Tesla's Small Practitioner Plate


Tesla’s Small Practitioner Plates are also excellent for placing over cuts as they reduce the flow of bleeding, stop pain very quickly, stops scaring of mild burns, helps heal bruising quickly & encourages immediate commencement of healing.

The plates have been specifically made for healing!

And Are an Absolute Gem to Have On You!

Tesla's Small Practitioner Plate



RRP = $155 AU per plate

10% DISCOUNT Online Price = $140 AU

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Postage: $15 Express Post Flat Fee

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