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Nadia at kitchen bench with juices and a Kuvings Juicing Machine   Juicing with Nadia K was Created (through the Guidance of Sprit), to Help People Heal Themselves Naturally through the Beautiful Combination of Juice Cleansing, Universal Healing Energy, Tesla Energy, Sacred Geometry, Intention & Love. Throughout my Healing Journey, I became exceedingly frustrated by the inability to purchase Freshly Made Cold Press Juices for myself, that were made from Organic Produce and with the ingredients I knew my Body Needed to Heal. With over 13 years of personal study, testing and trial and error through Personal Juice and Water Fasts, as well as attending various Juice Fasting Retreats, I learnt that there is certain fruits and vegetables that work well together and others that can irritate. However when I would seek to purchase juices for myself, the juices either couldn’t be made fresh, they were using the wrong mix of fruit and vegetables, or were unable to accommodate my needs. I also found it hard to find juices made from organic produce, as almost all were made with chemically sprayed produce (that would irritate my body), in which I could taste the chemicals or lack or flavour, and most recipes didn’t follow the basic food combining rules, facilitating effective digestion and assimilation, which defeated the whole purpose of having a healthy juice in the first place, if it would simply just cause me irritation. What was even more frustrating is that pretty much every juice contained fruit, which I knew would irritate some people, especially those with chronic conditions, as I once had. I had learned and understood the power of straight greens for an effective alkalising result on the body and realised that juices in which catered for individual’s sensitivities, were in much need for those with candida, parasite overgrowth, auto immune issues, gut problems, fructose intolerances and/or a weak pancreas.   Picture of Juicing with Nadia K's 1 Day Green Juice Cleanse - 5 Juices   From an early age, I understood that a big part of making people feel good and making them smile from the heart was giving genuine unconditional love. I then learnt through my healing journey, that this same love, needed to be given to our bodies. And Together with the Frustration of my Need For Freshly Made Organic Juices to Recipe – continually not being met (unless I made them myself), and with Many Little & Big Nudges from Spirit: ‘Juicing with Nadia K’ was officially born.’

  • “A Means to Combine the Healing Properties of Natural Herbs, Fresh Organic Spray Free Produce, Cold Pressed Juicers, Using the Recipes I knew worked, & Infused with Universal Healing Energy, Tesla Energy & Unconditional Love, in order to Provide the Ultimate Healing Environment for Individuals to Heal in the Comfort of their Own Home.”

And In My Heart, I still believe this is the Purest Way, To Restore Our Bodies, to our Natural State of Health.  

My Vision: To Make & Supply the Highest Frequency Juice Cleanses on the Market, and to be Accessible World Wide, so that No Matter Where You Live – You Will Have Available to You, The Opportunity to Heal.
My Mission: To Inspire Millions of People World Wide, to Juice Cleanse Quarterly through our High Frequency Juice Cleanses, so they can cleanse their body, activate their light grids, and together, we can cleanse and raise the collective consciousness of our Planet and Humanity.
  Nadia sitting at table with Tropical Juices in front of her and an apple in her hand   Juicing with Nadia K’s products and services Juicing with Nadia K’s products and services fulfil the much needed convenience for people to schedule regular juice cleansing into their lifestyle, with all the hard work done for them. The business aims to provide clients with an affordable way to juice cleanse safely at home and benefit from freshly made juices, using local organic spray free produce, without the preservatives used in commercial juices, and which follow the vital guidelines of proper food combining. When you Juice with Nadia K, all you have to do, is choose whether you wish to cleanse for 1 day, 3 days, 5 days or 7 days and 6 freshly made organic cold press juices will be delivered straight to your door daily, for you to cleanse in the comfort of your own home! This allows you to create your own little juice fasting retreat for a fraction of the cost, and know that you will be getting the absolute freshest and healthiest juices, packed with nutrition and healing properties, that is absolutely vital when doing a cleanse.   Juicing with Nadia K's Fresh Juices displayed on bench top next to branded box   Juicing with Nadia K’s Delivery Service saves you the time of:

  • Sourcing freshly picked local organic spray free produce
  • Sourcing a good quality cold press juicer
  • Establishing a balance of recipes that follow the correct food combining principles
  • Establishing an order of juices that flow and cleverly enhance the healing effects
  • The time spent washing, prepping, juicing and cleaning
  • Sourcing and growing powerful organic healing herbs
  • Sourcing and constructing a planned program for guidance
  • And ensuring all juices are made with love and thus enhancing the healing frequency of each and every juice

Juicing with Nadia K allows you the perfect chance to relax and enjoy the healing benefits of a Juice Cleanse in the comfort of your home or work place, without any added stress! “We service our car 4 times a year, so should we service our most prized vehicle, our body!” ~ Nadia K To read more about the founder Nadia K here   Nadia K holding Juice Cleanse Box at Door   WHY JUICE CLEANSE? The human body is a remarkable creation and knows exactly how to heal itself! All we have to do is to simply leave it alone, stop irritating it with poor food and lifestyle choices and it will automatically begin a self-healing process, by means of cleaning and detoxify itself, in order to restore balance and its natural state of health! When the stomach is empty and not used for digestion, the body utilises this energy in ridding toxins and clearing them out of your system in the most efficient way possible. This is why juice fasting is so effective, as it enables a concentrated elixir of liquid nutrients to enter the blood stream instantly, without the use of the digestive system, so that the body can focus 100% of its energy to healing and thus ridding the toxic waste, mucus, acid and dead and diseased cells that are stored in the body and eliminate these for good. It is essential when juice fasting to provide the body with the correct healing environment to cleanse effectively, without any irritation from poor combinations of ingredients, or from produce with preservatives or pesticides. That’s why Juicing with Nadia K has formulated her juices in a specific way and order, to ensure the body receives the best concoction of nutrients, so as to provide the body with the ideal environment to heal. We look forward to YOU joining our Amazing Tribe of Regular Juice Cleansing Superstars!   Nadia K in Nature holding juices

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