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Tesla’s Chakra Balancer



The Chakra Balancer is one of three items in the Practitioner Healing range and has many uses, including the Balancing the Chakras. The energy generated from this product will go where it is most needed and acts as though a practitioner was doing a basic reiki session on you!

The Chakra Balancer has multiple purposes, such as:
– Clearing unwanted energies and
– Re-energizing your blood flow, the obvious
– Balancing of your Chakra’s (bodies main energy centre points)
– Clearing, mental, emotional and physical blockages
– Acting as a blood cleanser

Chakras play a vital role in in our health and well-being and are a critical part of our bio-energy system. Chakras act as transformers of energy that give and receive energy, and when healthy, they are constantly spinning, bringing positive energy to the physical body and to all its energy layers.
Having all chakras open, clear and spinning, allows our energy to effectively flow through us, keeping us healthy, in flow, energised and full of life. When our chakras are aligned and blockages are cleared, this opens us up to tapping into Universal Energy more freely, and that of Mother Earth, allowing us to manifest instantly and tune into the higher powers at be.

The Chakra Balancer is sold with a long wax coated cotton cord and comes with informative instructions.
When we are clear from energetic blockages, the world opens up for us with unlimited potentials and possibilities, and this is when life becomes truly exciting!
Owning a Chakra Balancer is like having your very own Personal Healer on call. It will become your best friend, whenever you need, and help you peel off those toxic layers and help you reach your full potential and true source of capabilities!
These darlings are one of the greatest personal healing assets you can buy for yourself, and make the best and most uplifting friend you have!


RRP $805

10% OFF = $730

Postage: $15 Express Post Australia Wide

International Postage: $45

Dispatch: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Note: All Tesla Purchases are sent out with an instruction manual


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