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Tesla’s Car Plate

Nadia holding Tesla Car Plate in front of her house


What Does Tesla’s Car Plate Do?

Tesla’s Car Plate alters the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) in the car, helping the car to run more efficiently. It also helps to calm aggressive passengers and road rage, (which is the cause of tiredness and irritability), and aids in keeping drivers more awake and alert whilst driving.

With all the added electronic devices which are now standard in new cars, added stress has been placed on our human electrical system whilst driving, and contributes to the increasing amount of road rage and fatigue levels in drivers today.

Tesla’s Car Plate causes the electromagnetic field of the car to be more harmonious and no longer push its way through the air but to glide through, with no resistance instead, Saving You Approximately 10% in your Fuel Usage and thus Fuel Cost!

This alone pays for itself!


Tesla Car Plate Gold Spiral Pattern Tesla Car Plate Gold Comet Pattern Tesla Car Plate Gold Leaf Pattern


When holding, Tesla’s Car Plate will bring you back into the present moment. By holding the car plate for a few minutes, after a long stressful day at work, of after a long drive etc, you can feel your mind slow and then stop as you become more aware and in control of your thinking. It is a really powerful plate for this!

Clients that have purchased Tesla’s car plate, when asked, have reported having a more peaceful time driving and many are excited to share their noticeable petrol savings and “smoother” running car.


Tesla’s Car Plate Benefits:

  • Saves you 10% off of Fuel costs with a smoother running car
  • Brings the holder rapidly into the present moment
  • Treats amalgams in teeth
  • When holding, it puts the individual straight into an Alpha State
  • Clears and removes radiation from X-Rays
  • Treats EMFs (electromagnetic fields) in a room or small unit


For Detailed Information on How Tesla’s Innovational Technology Works, Download the Free Information Booklet HERE


Lady holding Tesla's Car Plate in car


Treating Amalgams:

When treating amalgams, simply hold the car plate and use it as a fan, and fan around the affected area with concave side facing the tooth. After a minute or so, one should get a metal taste. Then continue to fan the area until the metal taste goes away. This will stop the electromagnet fields causing the amalgam.


Clearing Radiation from X-Rays

Tesla’s Car Plate can be used to clear radiation from your body or someone else’s, after you or they have had an X-Ray, as this radiation is stored in the spinal column and causes havoc to your neurological and electrical system.

To remove radiation, simply hold the car plate so the edge is vertically touching the spine, and move up and down the spine using the car plate like an eraser (moving side to side in the process – 3 cm either side of the spine) like you are rubbing out an invisible 6cm thick black line over the spine.

When doing this, ask the person if they can feel any tingling sensations or heat anywhere and once they do, keep doing this process until the heat and tingling leaves the spine.

The Car Plate is by far one of the most popular plates and is an absolute must for those who drive!

Tesla’s Car Plate can be used for buses, trains, trucks and large motor bikes too.




We at Juicing with Nadia K, have access to All Tesla Products at a 10% Discount Price from the Makers, for all clients and customers who purchase through the website.

RRP = $500 AU

10% DISCOUNT Online Price = $450 AU

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NOTE: For Hybrid Cars – Please order 2 x Computer Plates as well as Tesla’s Car Plate, as it is important to treat the car computerised batteries also,  which require 2 x computer plates.

Hybrid car kit

The Diagram Above: Shows 2 x computer plates with Tesla’s Car plate to make up a Hybrid Car Kit.

Note: All Tesla Purchases are sent out with an instruction manual

Note: This technology was handed down to the makers, with specific instructions and intent, by Nikola Tesla himself (the greatest discoverer/inventor of all time, who invented electricity as well as 1600 patented inventions! No other company has access to this technology and the results have been life changing with the makers called all over the world to help with Global EMF, EMR issues.

Nikola Tesla was light years ahead of his time and not only invented free energy but his technology (almost like a radio tunes to a station), captures universal energy from the Central Sun, in the unique frequency patterns set in the Tesla Plates, to strengthen our energy fields – ALWAYS LIFTING US HIGHER IN OUR FREQUENCY and combatting the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiations, mobile phone radiation, 5G and Wi-Fi.

We thank the makers for following Nikola Tesla’s instructions, and it is an honour to share this with the public in a transparent manner, so we can all benefit from the gift that Nikola Tesla left future generations.


close up of Tesla's Car Plate in young ladies hand

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