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Tesla’s Electron Stabiliser

The Electron Stabiliser is by far one of the most important of Tesla’s Innovational gadgets!

It was created because Nikola Tesla knew the damage that electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation, coming from the alternating current, coming from electrical devices, would cause to our human electrical system and our energy fields, if continually exposed to, which we are, in today’s modern society.

Tesla knew that the (AC electric current used today) would be far too strong for the human energy field to withstand and that this would result in weakening the energy fields of the population, leading to disease and disharmony.


Fitting Tesla's Electron Stabaliser to power cordFitting Tesla's Electron Stabaliser to power cord


Every single electrical device we use in our home today, radiates both electromagnetic radiation and fields (when turned on) and an electromagnetic field imprint (when turned off).

These fields surround all wires and electrical devices and motors, including: TV chords, TV screens, radios, phone charge cables, laptop cables, fridges, freezers and a number of other devises in your home.

If an EMF and EMR Camera was used to pick up on these imprints, you would be shocked at how much of your home has electrical field imprints and electromagnetic radiation, which your standard EMF readers leave untraced.

Note: For best testing of before and after differences, access biological readings on; ‘Omega Acubase’ & ‘Acutec Ryodoraku’ (electro-dermal stress diagnostic computers), Diagnostic Micro-capillary Microscopes and/or  Kinesiology tests, which all show a dramatic change after Tesla’s Electron Stabiliser has been fitted to your home.


Electromagnetic Field from a Samsung TV  Lady emotionally eating to comfort herself from electromagnetic stress


Do you ever subconsciously go for snacks whist watching the television?

A big cause of this, apart from the obvious slip into an unconscious state when watching TV, is the electromagnetic field and radiation coming from the TV screen (which radiates outwards of our TV screen as the same length as the TV). This electromagnetic field, pierces your personal electrical field, and lingers around in your energy, causing disruption and chaos to your body.

This feeling, if you really tuned into it, is extremely uncomfortable, and can often trigger and stimulate subconscious comfort eating (especially if your prone to it), as a subconscious effort to deal with the discomfort of the EMF and EMR fields.

These electromagnetic fields can also be felt whilst holding power chords or typing with your hand next to a lap top charger etc. Energy sensitive individuals will be able to feel their hand heat up when holding such chords, which their body is reacting to these fields.

Your hands are very good indicators of where chaos is in the body and they will heat up when healing energy is needed to those parts.


Healing hands


So What Does Tesla’s Electron Stabiliser Do?

Tesla’s Electron Stabiliser causes the flow of electrons to go from chaotic to coherent.

It produces a frequency (not in the common frequency range) that alters the 50/60 Hertz frequencies of single phase wiring, resulting in the electrical frequency becoming more harmonious with the human body.

This change in electrical frequency also ensures electrical motors run quieter and more efficient. Due to this, many clients have witnessed their fridges becoming quieter when running and a decrease in their electricity consumption, after the Electron Stabiliser had been installed.


How Does it Work?

Nikola Tesla understood that if we were are able to alter the output of positive ions to negative ions, then the electrical current produced would result in a more pleasant environment for individuals, especially for the ultra-sensitive.

The Electron Stabiliser has unique titanium transceivers installed in a specific configuration within a tamperproof mixture of resin & silica; these receive & transmit photon/tachyon energy in a particular form which alters the current produced.

Studies have shown that positive ionization from electrical appliances, such as computers, TVs and charges etc, are linked to health issues. By attaching an Electron Stabiliser to an AC chord, this again alters the positive ionization to negative ions which our body more happily accepts.

The end result for individuals, is that the biological effects of coherent electromagnetic fields are changed from chaotic and stressful to our energy fields, to harmonious and benign.

Many of these biological effects are seen in subtle changes in relationships, emotions, thoughts & a quieter and peaceful living environment.


Nadia K holding an electron stabaliser


What are the Benefits of the Electron Stabiliser?

  • Calmer and more peaceful living environment
  • Better concentration
  • Lifting of moods
  • Calmer emotions and less reactive individuals
  • Improved relationships
  • Clearer thoughts
  • Quieter running motors (aka fridge & freezer)
  • Reduction in electricity consumption
  • Longer lasting electrical appliances
  • Better TV picture quality
  • Better quality radio sound
  • Reduction in stress
  • Better sleep
  • Calming hyperactive children
  • When using together with a computer plate or laptop tag, this creates a higher output in work productivity


Where to place the Electron Stabiliser?

We suggest wrapping the Electron Stabiliser around the electrical cord at the back of your Television Set and leave the power on at all times, so that the standby light is visible.

This will allow the Stabiliser to work throughout the home 24 hours a day.

If you don’t have a TV in your home, we applaud you!

In this case, you may also use other power cords, so long as there is a running alternate current through the cord 24/7, to which the Electron Stabiliser is attached.

NOTE: Please don’t place the Electron Stabiliser on the fridge chord, as fridges are thermostatically controlled and will turn off periodically.

NOTE: For those who prefer to turn all power off at night, we suggest purchasing a power board with a light on one end. You can then plug this into a power outlet (perhaps in the garage if preferred), attach the Electron Stabiliser and leave this switch on 24 hours a day and the whole home will be covered at all times.


Tesla's Electron Stabaliser fitted to power cordTesla's Electron Stabaliser fitted to power cord


Noticeable Changes from Clients after Installing an Electron Stabiliser in their home:

  • Clients reported feeling a great deal of peace in their home environment
  • Clients found they slept better and therefore more rested and energetic throughout the day
  • Clients stated that they were more conscious in their thinking and clear headed at home
  • Several clients reported that their TV picture quality changed dramatically and was now a lot clearer and their loud appliances reported to be softer sounding.
  • One lady said her very loud washing machine went to making virtually no noise!
  • Another client who ran 3 commercial fridges in his home, reported that his energy bill had gone down.
  • Several mothers reported their children to be less hyper and more peaceful.
  • One gentleman with an extra sensory gift, reported seeing the haze around the power lines in front of his house and 3 houses either side, change from a dark grey, to a radiating blue, almost instantly after fitting both an electron stabiliser and a house plate to his home.


NOTE: We highly recommend people make the investment and get a Tesla House Kit, covering all aspects of EMRs, EMFs and Geopathic Stress!

This will give you piece of mind, ensuring that the Geopathic Stress, EMRs and EMFs emulating from appliances, powerlines, Wi-Fi, 5G phones towers, and lay lines etc, that we are increasingly being exposed to, do not affect you and your families human electrical fields.

Tesla House kits are mentioned in the last section of this information booked, but are one of the best investments you can make for you and your families health!

Only recently, a client who was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease, reported that after installing Tesla’s House kit that her Lyme’s disease symptoms completely vanished after only a few weeks! What is achievable with Tesla’s House Kit is simply astonishing!


Beatuiful Lady with Tesla Plates surrounding her laying on floor


NOTE: You only need 1 Electron Stabiliser per home, unless you have three phase power to your home, in which you will need a second one for the other circuit.

The Electron Stabiliser will last a life time!

It is simple to attach and you can take it with you wherever you go or move to.

The Electron Stabiliser is one of the most vital products from Tesla’s Innovational Product Range and is ideally a MUST HAVE to ensure you stay healthy and energetically strong.

For your parents and loved ones, this is a gift and a half, and for hypersensitive, there is no question, this product will change your life!!


PRICE:   RRP = $680 AU per Electron Stabiliser

10% DISCOUNT Online Price = $615 AU

To Order your Electron Stabiliser at 10% OFF CLICK HERE

Postage: $15 Express Post Flat Fee (no matter how many Tesla items are purchased!)


Tesla's Electron Stabaliser being fitted to a power cordTesla's Electron Stabaliser being fitted to a power cordNadia K holding Tesla's Electron Stabaliser

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