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Tesla’s Small Spiritual Plate


Tesla’s Small Spiritual Plate acts in a similar fashion to the Large Spiritual Plate, but is designed for children and teenagers, to help them access, enhance and fine tune their spiritual gifts, as well as connect within, to the spiritual world and to the universe at large.

It also helps to lift them up from low thinking, helps them to embrace life with colour and positivity, by clearing away low vibrations in the physical body and allowing them to see clearly and connect to their intuition.

Tesla’s Small Spiritual Plate also allows children and teenagers to work with and connect to pets, animals and nature. It is not uncommon for children to hear and feel the different energies of animals, trees, plants and other wild life. Children are naturally open to this, so encouraging them to open up more at a young age to their intuitive gifts and senses, is a magical gift to them!

Both Small and Large Spiritual Plates work in a similar nature to personal pendants, as they will each read and adapt to energy of the plate owner, and grow as they grow!

For this reason the plate should never be given away to another individual, however it is ok to give it to other people to use, whilst they are in your presence.

These plates can make for an exciting part of you and your family’s life, and you will notice the difference in your child or teenager, as he or her searches for more nature based activities, rather than stuck to an Ipad or other technology.

As your children expand their intuitive gifts, as do you, and vise verse. So this really is the ideal present for the whole family, especially for those who are interested in tapping into their unique spiritual essence!




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RRP = $330 AU per Small Spiritual Plate

10% DISCOUNT Online Price = $299 AU

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Postage: $15 Express Post



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