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Tesla’s Individual 5G House Kit



Tesla’s Individual 5G House Kit is for Individuals wanting the essentials needed to combat EMRs, EMFs, Geopathic Stress, Wi-Fi and 5G radiation, as well as well as taking care of electromagnetic fields in the car, from the computer screen and/or laptop, electricity and adding life force to their water, food and plant life.
This kit contains the essential components which allow for a safe home environment, energised aura and strengthened immune system, mounting stream tasting water, safe and peaceful car travels, chemical free food and water when dining out, and harmonious computer, electrical devices, power outlets and wires in your home and mobile phone use.
By purchasing online through Juicing with Nadia K or via our order form, you will receive a 20% Discount – download Tesla Prices and order form HERE.

What’s included in Tesla’s Individual 5G House Kit?
• 1 x Oyster House Plate – $589
• 1 x Adult Pendant – $105
• 1 x Phone Tag Set – $130
• 1 x Pocket Plate – $130
• 1 x Computer Plate – $149
• 1 x Car Plate – $450
• 1 x Water Kit – $299
• 1 x Electron Stabiliser – $615

Total Value = $2,470

20 % Kit Discount = $1970 (save $500)

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