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Tesla’s Small Home Water Kit


Tesla’s Small Water Kit comes in a twin pack for inside use, when access to the mains water supply is not possible.

If you are on tank water, the Water Kit is attached to the outside of the pipe on the house side of the pump. By doing this, your rain water (which is acidic) will be altered to make it alkaline!

​Tesla’s Small Water Kit comes in a set of 2, with Velcro strips for attaching.



The Kit was developed for those travelling or living in apartments, units or flats, or in areas where they are unable to fit the ‘standard/large Water Kit’ to the main water pipe supplying the water to their residence.

Unlike the ‘Large Water Kit,’ this little unit was developed so you can place one unit on the kitchen tap and one unit on the shower or bath arm.

With the Water Kit fitted, life force is put back into your water, the water then tastes & feels like rain water or a clear mountain stream.

NOTE: You only need to purchase the Tesla’s Water Kit once and can take with you when moving or travelling.

Personally, being hypersensitive, when I first moved into my apartment, I broke out into a horrid rash, all over my body, every day for the first week of moving in. Smelling the strong chlorine from the water, I immediately knew it was the water that was doing this, and purchased Tesla’s water kit. The very next morning, after my shower (with Tesla’s water kit fitted over the shower head), my skin went back to normal, and the chlorine smell vanished. This was the difference from simply fitting Tesla’s water kit on the shower head and main sink tap used for drinking.

Huge Noticeable Effect! And my Body thanked me for it!



Prices of Tesla’s Small Water Kit

RRP = $429 AU per Small Water Kit

10% DISCOUNT Online Price = $389 AU

To Order Tesla’s Small Water Kit 10% OFF CLICK HERE

Postage: $15 Express Post Flat Fee



NOTE: The Small and Large Water Kits go hand in hand with the Electron Stabiliser, to ensure there is no electrical toxicity in the water you drink.

With 70% of our body being water, and our body being electrical energetic systems, these products really are a necessity for your health and well-being!

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