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Tesla’s 5G Large Property/Farm Plate

Nadia K holding Tesla’s 5G Large Property/Farm Plate


Tesla’s Farm Plate is made from 2 specially developed House 14 Sided House Plates, which have been specifically designed to cover large properties and acreages.

It is the hardest working plate of all of Tesla plates, as the energy coming from the Farm Plate covers an area of 12hct (30+ acres).

Tesla’s Farm Plate produces a specific energy (non-Hertzian) which makes the frequencies from; (a) Mobile Phone towers, including WiFi & 5G (Microwave signals), (b) Satellites, (c) Radar and High Voltage power lines, all biologically compatible, just like the Oyster House Plate, but at a much more powerful level.

As with the Oyster House plate, it also counteracts the effects of underground Geopathic Stress from ley lines and underground water, or nearby rivers or streams and again combats the harmful effects of Wi-Fi & 5G.

In the process of doing this, the Farm Plate also energises all plant & animal life on the property and in the radius of 30 acres!


Tesla’s 5G Large Property/Farm Plate with white backgound


Benefits and Uses of Tesla’s Farm Plate

  • Counteracts the effects of Wi-Fi and 5G Tower Networks
  • Counteracts the effects of Geopathic Stress, allowing for a peaceful and calm living environment
  • Adds life force to all living plants, crops, animals and wild life on the property
  • Eliminates GMOs from the soil, thus enhancing the nutritious value of all crops and plants
  • Brings dying plants and crops back to life
  • Brings back birds and wildlife to the property
  • Improves the sleep of residents on the property
  • Enhances food (fan all groceries or food shopping with plate)
  • Lessens stress and anxiety
  • Aids healing and releases toxins in the body
  • Treats water
  • Aids in Energetic House Clearing


The Main reported effects and benefits of the Farm Plate are as follows:

  • Plant growth rate improves, together with the nutrient value of the plants, with makes for healthier grazing for animals
  • Bird life has returned to areas of which they had once left
  • Frogs that had disappeared, have returned to areas where they had once been plentiful and have begun to thrive again

NOTE: The presence or absence of Frogs is a well-known barometer for the suitability of areas for human habitation!!

  • Farm animals and people are calmer and more docile


Nadia K admiring Tesla’s 5G Large Property/Farm Plate


Other Reported Benefits Include:

  • Farmers have reported growing larger and healthier plants and crops with less water
  • Farmers have reported their livestock is healthier and living longer
  • Farmers have reported their overall water consumption has gone down
  • Clients have reported the increase of natural wild life to their area (a sign of a peaceful environment)
  • One Farmer reported that his dormant fruit trees began to bear fruit again


Where to Position the Farm Plate

We recommend positioning the farm plate in the lounge room or dining room table, however it should not touch metal directly.

NOTE: If you have above ground Geopathic Stress such as high voltage power lines or phone towers  near your home, place the Farm Plate concave side facing up (but not under your bed).


Tesla’s 5G Large Property/Farm Plate on side table


If you own a Large Acreage or Farm, Tesla’s Farm Plate will pay for itself in the form of healthier more vibrant crops, healthier and stronger livestock, plant and animal life, as well as making a comfortable place of residence for your family, without the harmful effects of Geopathic Stress!

For Farm and Acreage Owners, this is a NO BRAINER!!

Note: To maximise results, we recommend acreage owners to invest in Tesla’s Farm Kit, so they are covered in all areas, especially water and electricity!



We at Juicing with Nadia K, have access to All Tesla Products at a 10% Discount Price from the Makers, for all clients and customers who purchase through the website.

RRP = $1,250 AU per Farm Plate

10% DISCOUNT Online Price = $1,133 AU

To Order Tesla’s Farm Plate at 10% Discount Online CLICK HERE

Postage: $15 Express Post Flat Fee


Nadia holding Tesla’s 5G Large Property/Farm Plate offering to sky

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