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Tesla’s Large Home Water Kit

What Does Tesla’s Water Kit Do?

Tesla’s Water Kit technology returns your tap water to its natural energised state, as well as servicing all water supplied to your home. It has no moving parts, contains no magnets, uses no chemicals or electricity, and puts life force back into your water.

With Tesla’s Water Kit fitted to your water pipe, your water will taste & feel like rain water or water from a clear energised mountain stream.


How Does it Work?

Tesla’s Water Kit works by:

  • Changing the ionisation of the molecules in your water supply from a majority of positive ions to a majority of negative ions.
  • Ensuring chlorine molecules stay as separate molecules thereby diminishing the smell and taste of the chlorine in your water.
  • Erasing the water’s memory of all added chemicals (which does not happen with conventional filters).
  • Causing the microscopic heavy metals in the water to clump together making it simpler for the liver to expel them.


For Detailed Information on How Tesla’s Water Kit & Tesla’s Innovational Technology Work, Download the Free Information Booklet HERE


What are the Benefits of Tesla’s Water Kit?

  • Tesla’s Water Kit returns life force into water, which will be evident in the improved taste and plant growth in your garden.
  • Your water will become soft and energised and should appear crystal clear with a reduced chemical taste, taking it back to mountain water taste.
  • Tesla’s Water Kit gives increased solubility and allows more oxygen to be carried in the water
  • Your body’s cells will be able to absorb the Tesla treated water a lot easier
  • Tesla treated water will be able to penetrate the soil easier and therefore help the environment
  • Your newly energised water will make showering and bathing more enjoyable!!
  • Plant life and vegetable gardens will grow better and stronger now that they are watered with ionised water



How Electricity, Chlorine & Fluoride Affect our Water

Water, provided it contains minerals or salts, is a perfect carrier of electrical waves & fields & has its own electromagnetic field around it.

When electrical power lines lose electricity during transmission.  Some of that electricity penetrates the outer layer of the earth, and is attracted to the minerals and salts in underground water, as well as the minerals and salts in city water supply pipes, that travel below power lines.

Besides the natural minerals and salts, the following additives are also found in our water supply:

  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Iron oxide from corroded water pipes


How Tesla’s Water Kits Treat Chlorine in your Water Supply?

In water that is carrying any electrical charge, the molecules of chlorine are positively ionised. As a result, the molecules tend to adhere to each other, which causes them to become partially inactive, as a form of steriliser, which results in a stronger chlorine smell.

The effect and purpose of placing ‘Tesla’s Water Kit’ on the water pipe, is to change the ionisation of the molecules from a majority of positive ions, to a majority of negative ions.

By doing this, the chlorine molecules stay as separate molecules, and therefore the smell and taste of chlorine is eliminated.

The water’s memory of all the added chemicals is also removed, (which does not happen with conventional filters).



With Tesla’s Water Kit fitted to your water pipe, this puts life force back into the water. The water then tastes & feels like rain water or a clear mountain stream.

Chlorine was used as a rat poison before World War II & fluoride was used in prisoner of war/concentration camps to numb the brains of prisoners, to therefore make them more receptive to being imprisoned or to being marched to their death.

Chlorine we don’t want in the water we drink! Especially since 70% of our body is water!

What is needed for the effective treatment of your water?

Both an Electron Stabiliser & Water Kit are needed for the effective treatment of your water.

The ‘positive ions’ surrounding the electrical wires within a building, are what affects the water in close-by pipes, just like the external power lines affect the water in nearby water pipes or in underground streams.



Equipment needed for the installation of a Water Kit.

You will need to dig around the water pipe, emerging from the water meter and will require a hand spade, a kneeler, plastic ties (provided in the Water Kit pack), and a pair of pliers or scissors, to cut the excess plastic tie to length.

Installation of Water Kit

Simply tie Tesla’s Water Kit unit onto your water pipe with cable ties. The Water Kit has an arrow pointing in the direction of the water flow to follow. Each Water Kit treats both magnetic & electrical fields in the water. NOTE: An instruction manual will be provided with the Water Kit.


RRP = $305 AU per Large Water Kit

10% DISCOUNT Online Price = $275 AU

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