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Choosing My Juice Cleanse



There are 6 types of juice cleanses you can choose from:

1) Tropical Cleanse (mix of fruits, vegetables and greens)
2) Original Green Cleanse (without fruit)
3) Green Cleanse with beetroot & carrot (without fruit)
4) Green Cleanse (with green apple)
5) Green Cleanse (with beetroot, carrot and apple)
6) Do It Yourself Cleanse



Explanations of these are listed below:

TROPICAL JUICE CLEANSES: are for people who DON’T have sugar sensitivities or inflammation and gut issues and want to cleanse, detox and reboot their entire digestive system, by providing a full body recharge and boost. This juice cleanse will have you feeling revitalised, energetic and inspired with a greater sense of clarity, purpose and vision moving forward.

ORIGINAL GREEN JUICE CLEANSES (WITHOUT FRUIT): are tailored for people with autoimmune conditions, arthritis, sensitivities to sugar, gut issues, candida, parasites, inflammatory diseases, hypersensitivities, tumors, cancers, IBS, poor digestion and acidosis. These green cleanses contain no fruit except for lemon and completely alkalize your body and rapidly lower inflammation for the period of the cleanse.

GREEN JUICE CLEANSES WITH BEETROOT & CARROT (WITHOUT FRUIT): are also tailored for people with autoimmune conditions, arthritis, sensitivities to sugar, gut issues, candida, parasites, inflammatory diseases, hypersensitivities, tumors, cancers, IBS, poor digestion and acidosis.
These green cleanses contain no fruit except for lemon, and alkalise the body still, but cater for people who can tolerate a small amount of natural sugar from the vegetables and want to gain the blood detoxification benefits from the beetroot and Vitamin C immune boost from the carrot, which work well together in the overall detoxification process.

GREEN JUICE CLEANSES WITH GREEN APPLE: are for those who are focusing on healing their gut but can tolerate some fruit sugar with their green juices, or for those who simply want some extra sweetness in their cleanse.
NOTE: We recommend those with candida, inflammatory conditions such as arthritis or IBS to stick to the first two green cleanses without fruit, as the fructose may cause inflammation or irritation, which can cause an uncomfortable cleanse.
NOTE: For this cleanse, clients may choose the number of juices a day that they would like us to add apple to.

GREEN JUICE CLEANSES WITH BEETROOT, CARROT & APPLE: are amazing full body cleanses that fit nicely in between the original green cleanse and the tropical cleanse. These cleanses are tailored for those well on their way to health again and healing their gut microbiome.
NOTE: For this cleanse, clients may also choose the number of juices a day that they would like us to add apple to.

Disease cannot survive in a pure alkaline environment and therefore parasites, toxic waste, tumors, cysts, crystallised acid build ups in your joints, mucoid plaque stuck to your colon and foreign invaders, simply die off and exit your body, allowing your body to regenerate and heal.


THE POWER OF OUR JARS & THE SACRED GEOMETRY: The sacred geometric symbol on each of our jars, combines both the “Seed of Life”, and “Tesla Energy”.

The Seed of Life: represents “creation” – and it is so powerful, because when we infuse the juices with healing intent, this energy, together with the seed of life geometry, creates a powerful potion that instills seeds of universal light code, that are then ingested into your body, and into your cells, to design your new matrix/light grid (energetic make up/blue print), which attracts your physical reality.

For instants, if the healing intent was for your immune system to strengthen, so that you would no longer get sick every winter, these light codes would be planted and nourished with the geometric power of the seed life, to bring your body, exactly the information and healing codes needed, to do so. This would then be planted as the new core belief around your immune system, and the systems and workings of the body, would stem/grow from there. This will result in new healthier habits manifesting, out of intuitive choice, to match your new light grid/energetic blueprint, which then in turn speeds up the healing process and the physical realization of your initial intent.

Tesla Energy: and the combined symbolic representation of the numbers and frequencies; 3, 6, 9, creates a Vortex of Energy which accesses the Power of the Universe. This universal light is then always shinning through toward anything in which the symbol faces, in which the universal energy, brings more life and vitality to the liquid potion, a higher vibration and thus a greater purification.

Combing Tesla Energy Geometry with the Seed of Life Geometry, combines “Creation” with the “Power of Universal Energy”.

Together these work to fertilize the Healing Intentions infused into your juice, with the right light codes/packets of information, needed from the Universe, to ensure they manifest into your physical reality. If this jar is kept, and reused, after the initial cleanse, this will help act as a continual growth fertilizer, as the body will be reminded of the frequency of Tesla Energy (universal energy) and trigger a response to strengthen the frequency pathways instilled in your cells, to realise your intentions.

Below is a perfect example of the Power of these two ancient geometric symbols put together.

Above is parsley that was picked from the garden by a client. Half of the parsley was put into an ordinary jar on the right, and the other half of the parsley was put into the jar on the left. The same water was used, with the same positioning in the kitchen.

3 days later, Look at the difference! The amount of life and vitality in the parsley in the ‘Juicing with Nadia K’ Jar, with the Tesla/Seed of Life Sacred Geometry Combination, as apposed to the regular jar is substantial.

Many clients have also told me that everything they drink from that ‘Juicing with Nadia K’ jar, tastes better, than if they were to drink it from an ordinary glass.

Combining this Universal Power, with Healing Energy and Intentions, set for your Highest Good and Highest Light, these Juices Cleanses, have the ability to work miracles, if the client is ready and willing 🙂

Which is one of the many reasons why a simple Juice Cleanse, when done properly, and maximized, can completely Change Your Life!


DIY CLEANSE PROGRAMS (EXCLUDING JUICES): These DIY programs are available to purchase for those who wish to juice cleanse themselves at home. This program provides clients with the opportunity to learn exactly how to recreate the juice cleanses themselves at home. Clients purchasing the DIY Programs will receive all detailed juice recipes for that cleanse, tips and tricks on how to get the most out of their juice cleanse, additional ancient healing methods (available with the 7 Day DIY Programs), and the chance to repeat juice cleanses for themselves time and time again. I encourage all individuals to have this program regardless, as it is The BIBLE for Body and Health Maintenance and a Preventative and Healing Recipe for Disease. (A must have operating manual for your body!)



The next step is to pick how many days to juice cleanse for.

The options and explanations are below:

– 1 Day Juice Cleanse
– 2 Day Juice Cleanse
– 3 Day Juice Cleanse
– 5 Day Juice Cleanse
– 7 Day Juice Cleanse
– 14 to 21 Day Juice Cleanse
– 30 Days (For Full Transformational Healing of the Body, Mind & Spirit)

1 – 3 Day Juice Cleanses: are for those who haven’t juice cleansed before. This is a gentle introduction to the magical world of juicing, and believe me when I say “A lot can be achieved in these short periods of time!

5 and 7 day Juice Cleanses: are for those who have juice cleansed before, or live a healthy lifestyle and are confident that they can persevere. These cleanses are also for people who wish to receive life changing results in a short period of time. Warning, cleansing for this amount of time, will completely shift and heal so many ailments in your body and balance and bring you harmony, like you won’t believe. So if you are not ready to make big life changes, then perhaps go for a gentler cleanse.

Those that have cleansed for 5-7 days understand the life changing benefits, clarity, spiritual awareness and inspiration moving forward. It is cleansing for 7 days that leads to amazing awakenings for individuals and is the perfect goal to work towards for everyone.

14 to 21 Day Juice Cleanses: It takes 21 Days to form a new habit. Therefore cleansing for 14 to 21 days, not only significantly heals the body, by shifting density within, removing parasites, dissolving old acid waste, releasing trauma, shedding any unnecessary weight, and healing disease in the body, it completely shifts the way in which you look at food and rewires your taste buds, habits and cravings, to that of higher vibrational needs.

Long story short, those that accomplish 14 to 21 days of juice fasting, say it is the turning point in their life, mentally, spiritually & physically, where significant change is made in the 6 months after.

Enjoy! This is a Powerful Cleanse!

30 Day Juice Cleanse: (For Full Transformational Healing of the Body, Mind & Spirit)

This is the Ultimate Cleanse for anyone ready to Completely Change Their Life!

If you have disease you wish to heal, past burdens you wish to let go off, self destructive habits and addictions you are ready to diminish, significant weight to lose, and you are generally ready to take control of your life and make significant change, then this will be the most transformational 30 days of Your Life!

In 30 days of Juice Cleansing, your Vibration Increases to such a High Level, that any density, trauma, disease, negative attachments and parasites, are forced to leave the body, as they can not sustain this level of light in your body, for this long. In this time, your entire inner world “upgrades” if you like, to a higher awareness, consciousness, and version of yourself, with a purified higher vibration, which immediately begins to reflect itself in the next 6-9 months of manifesting for you! – In which your life has NO CHOICE but to adapt to your new higher vibration!

30 days opens up your Spiritual Channels, Creative Potential, and provides tremendous clarity moving forward, in all aspects of your life, & if you have a partner or loved one, doing this together can completely heal a relationship, as a new found awareness and consideration becomes an essential component in your life together, and Spiritual Connection becomes your New Blissful Path.

The most exciting part, away from the bright white eyes, your flawless skin, healthy and fit looking figure, and more energy than children!! Is watching your life unfold to match your new average frequency. Your heightened vibration WILL attract new found joy, abundance, love, self worth, self respect, self honor, confidence and appreciation, which makes the after cleanse process an ever exciting time, as you co-create your reality with the help of your Spirit.

30 Days is the Ultimate Gift to Yourself and those around you, as your New Found Energy Shines Bright Daily & You Enjoy stepping into and creating your New Manifested Life. This is definitely something for the Bucket List!

In short: the more days you choose to cleanse, the greater the benefits you will receive!

NOTE: As you rest your digestive system, flood the body with high vibrational nutrients, combined with Tesla and Reiki healing energy (in which each juice in infused by our Talented High Frequency Reiki Healers), you gift your body the PERFECT ENVIRONMENT to heal itself, through it’s innate intelligence, and through accessing heightened frequencies & incredible potentials – providing an opportunity for Miracles and Magic to Happen!! – If your Intent, Readiness & Allowance to receive supports.



The next step is to pick how many juices a day you would like?

The options are below:
– 5 x 500ml Juices a Day
– 6 x 500ml juices a day

5 x 500ml Juices a Day: are for those who don’t have a large appetite and/or don’t do a great amount of physical exercise and therefore don’t need minerals replenished as much. In this case, 5 Juices a day will be more than enough to keep you feeling full throughout the day.

6 x 500ml Juices a Day: are for those who do have a large appetite and/or do a great amount of physical exercise and therefore need the extra nutrition and alkalising minerals to replenish their salts. In this case, 6 Juices a day will be ideal to keep you satisfied and nourished throughout the day.

Simply choose which option resonates most with you and choose the appropriate box when ordering.



The last step is to choose whether you wish to include an enema kit (which is recommended for all cleanses) and/or a Kuvings Juicer. This is obviously not mandatory but highly recommended.

The silicon enema kits are the best on the market and will last you 1-2 years depending on how long you use them, and are strongly tied to the juice cleanse regime of all programs.

The Kuvings Juicer is one of the most efficient and effective masticating juicers around and will last you a lifetime. This is needed for DIY cleanses, if you do not have a cold press or masticating juicer at home. Definitely worth putting these fabulous machines on the wish list regardless!



Remember if you are outside of delivery zones be sure to contact us, so we can do our best to accommodate.

Happy Cleansing x

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