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Tesla’s 5G House Plate



Telsa’s Oyster House Plate is specially produced to combat 5G, Wi-Fi, Mobile Phone Towers, Satellites, Radar and High Voltage power lines, from high density communication areas.

The Oyster House Plate covers an area of ¾ of a hectare (1¼ acres) and is strong enough to cover multi storey buildings up to 12 stories high, covering 12 floors (6 above and 6 below, where the Oyster House Plate has been positioned).

How Does the Oyster House Plate Work?

Tesla’s Oyster House Plate produces a specific energy (non-Hertzian), which alters the frequencies from: Mobile Phone Towers, Satellites, Wi-Fi, Radar and High Voltage power lines rendering them biologically compatible with our energy fields.

In the process of doing this, it also energises the plant and animal life on your property. This means that your vegetable garden, flowers, animals and soil will all receive the benefits of added life force energy, and will not be harmed by radiofrequencies waves, with added effect of eliminating GMOs from your soil.

The Oyster House Plate works well with the Electron Stabiliser, as when placed in a work place environment, together with the Electron Stabiliser, workers will become calmer and less stressed.

In a home, Tesla’s House Plate will instantly have a calming effect, to not only your home, making it more peaceful, but to your neighbours two houses either side and across the road.

Benefits and Uses of Tesla’s Oyster House Plate

  • Counteracts the effects of Wi-Fi and new 5G Towers
  • Counteracts the effects of Mobile Phone Towers and Satellites
  • Counteracts the effects of Radar and High Voltage Power Lines
  • The electrical currents coming from Ley Lines, Rivers and Streams
  • Adds life force to all Living Plants, Animals and Wild Life on your property
  • Eliminates GMOs from your Soil, ensuring Plants and Vegetables Grow Fuller and Healthier
  • Providing Calmer, Happier and Increases Productivity in Work Places
  • Bringing Dying Plants Back to Life
  • Improving Sleep
  • Clears negative or uncomfortable energies in a home
  • Lessens Stress and Anxiety
  • Calming your neighbours
  • Aids Healing when used as a fan (up and down reflexology points)
  • Releases toxins in the body, if held directly to specific areas of concern (Note: you will need to drink plenty of water when you do this, as to flush away the toxins!)
  • Helps to heal an incapacitated person, in this case, place the House Plate under their chest area with the concave side facing upwards towards the body for about 25mins and repeat every 24 hours.


Where to Position the Oyster House Plate?

The Oyster House Plate can be positioned anywhere in your house, from the coffee table, under the bed, kitchen bench or dining table, however it should not touch metal directly.

NOTE: If you have Intense above ground Geopathic Stress, such as high voltage power lines or phone towers near your home, place the Oyster House Plate concave side facing up (but not under your bed).

If you have Wi-Fi in your home or live in a high density area, the Oyster House Plate is a Must!



RRP $650

10% OFF = $589

Postage: $15 Express Post Australia Wide

International Postage: $45

Dispatch: Tuesdays and Thursdays


Note: All Tesla Purchases are sent out with an instruction manual

Note: This technology was handed down to the makers, with specific instructions and intent, by Nikola Tesla himself (the greatest discoverer/inventor of all time, who invented electricity as well as 1600 patented inventions! No other company has access to this technology and the results have been life changing with the makers called all over the world to help with Global EMF, EMR issues.

Nikola Tesla was light years ahead of his time and not only invented free energy but his technology (almost like a radio tunes to a station), captures universal energy from the Central Sun, in the unique frequency patterns set in the Tesla Plates, to strengthen our energy fields – ALWAYS LIFTING US HIGHER IN OUR FREQUENCY and combatting the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiations, mobile phone radiation, 5G and Wi-Fi.

We thank the makers for following Nikola Tesla’s instructions, and it is an honour to share this with the public in a transparent manner, so we can all benefit from the gift that Nikola Tesla left future generations.


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