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We Spent So Much on Other Way More Expensive Products that Didn’t Work For Us.


Ever since my partner and I bought the pendants and 5G house plate, we are feeling soooooooooo much better, considering we are 200m away from a 5G Tower.

Even our kitties are happier and playing more 🙌🏻

We spent so much on other way more expensive products that didn’t work for us.

So thank you so much for sharing this amazing tech!!!

I just want to share this from the roof tops hahaha 

The entire collective would benefit so so much having just even once piece of the Tesla tech in their homes. 


I just love everything about Nadia, her Soul’s mission and her light worker team 💕🦋🌟 

The more Nadia shares her story, the more I can relate and resonate so deeply with her story 🥰

I am still on my healing journey (I guess we all are in some way) but I feel so honoured and blessed to be able to have Nadia’s wisdom and teams support through it all 🙌🏻💕

Sending you so much Love!

Warm regards, 


Scarlet – QLD

I lost around 2.5/3 kgs which is amazing! I am so glad I did this! And I will be back!


Hi Nadia,

Thank you for your email 🙂

My juice cleanse was great! A little tough at the start, but it got better.

I lost around 2.5/3 kgs which is amazing!

All in all, a great experience 🙂

The juices were delicious, I loved the beetroot and carrot one the most. They had loads of flavour and I LOVE ginger, so that definitely adds a bit of zing to the flavour 🙂

I am so glad I did this! And I will be back:)

I will defiantly leave a review!

Kind regards,


Everything about the 3 Day Juice Cleanse was Sensational


Hi Nadia,

Everything about the 3 day juice cleanse was sensational.

I’m so proud I got through it and I’m reaping the benefits. I did an enema today and all I can say is wow! I feel great as I mentioned, now I have the goal to do 7 days in 3 months.

I’ve proven to myself a whole bunch of things.

The juices were sensational. The information provided was so concise, easy to understand and informative. I’m going to make the tasty banana and spinach smoothie for lunch and a vegetable broth for dinner.

I have no desire to eat anything naughty and mess up all my hard work. I actually had been eating pretty healthy for 10 months prior and dropped 20kgs. I dropped another 2kg just during the cleanse.

I can’t speak highly enough of your program.

Thanks so much!


Jasmine – Brisbane

I Fell Pregnant Within Weeks of Finishing your 7 Day Juice Cleanse, after trying to Fall Pregnant for a Really Long Time and Experiencing Multiple Miscarriages!


Dear Nadia,

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much!

Doing a 7 Day Green Juice Cleanse with you just over a year ago, was seriously a life changing experience!

I came out of the other side of the Cleanse a completely different person xx

I haven’t yet told you because I didn’t want to jinx it, but can you believe, I fell pregnant within weeks of finishing the cleanse (after trying to fall pregnant for a really long time and having multiple miscarriages).

During the cleanse, I was able to cut toxic energetic ties with my mother, and truly connect to my soul like I never had before.

I will be forever so grateful for your facilitation in such a profound experience and healing!

It might sound odd, but nothing has ever compared (energetically) to this juice cleanse I experienced through you. I really felt the energy and power coming from this cleanse and I knew in my heart, there was just so much magic happening in me from an energetic level from the reiki of these juices.

And today having a healthy beautiful child as a result of that cleanse, again I will forever be grateful.

Thank you so much

Much much love

Belinda M – Sunshine Coast

Nadia’s Support was Fantastic!!! And because of this, I’m Now Doing a 7 day Juice Fast!


I had an invasive medical procedure (away from home) and I knew I needed to heal quick with juicing. I searched and the universe kept showing me Nadia, so I thought “well I must have to go with Nadia!”

I came to the Sunshine Coast and started the juice fast the day after getting out of hospital and 5 days later, felt really good, considering what I had just gone through. Fresh clean juice… and as much as the first 3 days were hard, the remaining 2 were fine, as I could have fresh fruit juice on these two days.

My taste become alive, my eyes were clear. I just felt soooo good.

Nadia’s support was fantastic!!! And because of this, I’m now doing a 7 day CABALA juice at home in order to heal quickly.

I have never juiced this long before, in fact the longest I have ever gone was 1 day. But now, because of the support of Nadia and her juices, it has inspired me to juice fast on a regular basis, because of the health benefits.

Thank you Nadia x

N. White – Perth

I was never hungry. I felt light, clean, energised & alive and watched my tummy flatten.


I tried the three day tropical organic juice cleanse from Nadia K and enjoyed looking and feeling lighter, more energised and seeing my tummy flatten in less than a week!!!

It was so great to enjoy a few days where I didn’t have to plan, shop for food, cook, clean up, repeat (and consequently, have more time to do other things).

The juices tasted divine, whilst I consumed what I felt was like medicine food for my body!

I was impressed with the delivery and care taken of each individually named bottle of freshly made juice. I lovingly prepared the fridge for their arrival. Took them to work with me. Remembered to drink one bottle every 2 hours. I was never hungry. They all tasted delicious fresh, clean and alive. And now I feel fresher, cleaner and even more alive!

I would recommend this to everyone if you need to feel really tuned up and tuned in for a special event, meeting or even EOFY. Excellent.

Thanks Nadia

Anna G –  Sunshine Coast QLD

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