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Tesla’s Teenage Pendants (Ages 8 to 18)



Tesla’s Teenage Pendants (Ages 8 to 18)

Tesla’s Teenage Pendants are designed for the frequency and growth of a teenager, aged from 8 years old to 18 years of age.

These pendants are here to help teenagers cope with the unseen world of harmful frequencies, and when growing at such a rapid rate (especially physically), it is ideal that their frequencies stay clear, without interference of their natural electrical auric field.


Just like Tesla’s Adult Personal Pendants, teenage pendants mould to the energy field of the teenager wearing the pendant, and increases their vibration. As the teenager’s energy grows in strength, the pendant increases its vibration, as to always lift the teenager higher in frequency.

The teen pendant strengthens the teenager’s energy field, through channelling packets of light from the Central Sun, which alleviates the bio-energy effects of man-made Electromagnetic Fields and Radiations; from mobile phones, Wi-Fi, computers, television, microwave & electrical devises etc.

This process educates their energy field to resist and neutralise the harmful chaotic frequencies from modern technologies, and enables them to keep a healthy, pure and clean electrical aura, which is undisturbed by external toxic electromagnetic frequencies and radiation.


A Clear Aura = a Healthy Body

An Electrically Disturbed Aura = Weak Immune System, Confused/Damaged Cells & Breeding Ground for Future Dis-ease


Once put on, the pendant takes 12 hours to resonate with the teenager’s unique frequency and once adapted, it stays a frequency level above their resonance, in order to always lift their energy and mood higher!

NOTE: Once this pendant has been warn for 12 hours, it cannot be given to any other person, as it is now tailored to the teenager’s individual frequency and knows its mission at hand!


Benefits Include:

When worn concave side over the thymus gland, these pendants help teenagers with the following:

  • Strengthens their auric field and immune system, to help cease the effects of EMRs & EMFs
  • Continually lifts their vibrational frequency and expands their learning and ability to take in and hold information
  • Promotes focus and increases attention span
  • Helps to lessen the effects of sun burn
  • Treats pain, cuts, burns and bruises – simply place pendant on the affected area
  • Helps teens to sleep better
  • Helps teens with depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies
  • Helps to keep teenagers energy fields clean and they therefore become less scattered from the effects of unseen electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiations


Colours and Style Choices

With Teenager Pendants, they have a choice of 13 different Pendant Styles; 4 with a single Dolphin, 4 with Twin Surfboards and 5 in an Oval Shape.



RRP $88

10% OFF = $79

(Please choose style and colour from the charts above)

Postage: $15 Express Post Australia Wide

International Postage: $45

Dispatch: Tuesdays and Thursdays


Note: All Tesla Purchases are sent out with an instruction manual

Additional information


White, Black

Dolphin & Surfboard


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