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Important Points When Using Tesla Plates

Avoid placing the Car Plate, Practitioner Plates and House Plates directly on metal

DO NOT place any of Tesla’s Plates on top of your head (over your Crown Chakra)

When traveling with a number of Tesla’s plates of any size, always place them dome to concave (facing the same way) by doing this they will go to sleep & not overwhelm you or nearby passengers

For energetically sensitive individuals, it might take a few weeks to adjust to the power of the plates, and sleep could be affected for the first week, until your body adapts (for the ultra-sensitive, this may happen with personal pendants too, as your body is adjusting to the constant energy lift)

Always face concave side towards the affected area you are trying to heal

When first getting the personal pendants, they must be worn 24 straight and not taken off, in order to mould to your energy field.

Personal pendants must be worn on a cotton cord. If you choose to wear a metal chain instead, you will need to purchase a Tesla Titanium link, as metal touching the pendant will affect its resonance and effectiveness. This goes with pet pendants so they may attach to collars.

Do not let any other individual wear or handle your personal pendants (including pet pendants). Once warn for 24 hours, these pendants will be uniquely programed to work specifically for your energy field, and others handling it, will confuse the pendant programing and therefore alter the effectiveness.

If you feel too many people have been handling your plate, or you feel the plate needs to be cleaned, apart from washing it in water, you can simply use the side of your hand and swipe over both sides of the plate. Do this in a scooping like action, where you scoop the energy ‘lingering on the plate’ off of the plate and then flick it away from you (like an energetic dust). This process will remove any energy that shouldn’t be on the plate.

For electron stabilisers, be sure these are put on an alternate current power cord, which is running electrical currents all the time, like a TV chord. Do not place on a fridge cord (which turns on and off periodically).

All Tesla small plates can be used to treat “add life force to” water, food and plates, and can be used to heal affected areas. You will feel as though the plate heats up, when it is working hard.

When choosing which small Tesla Plate to use when healing yourself and others, always go with your intuition. You will get drawn to using certain plates on certain people, or areas of the body, and you should listen to this, as it’s your body and your intuition knows best.

NOTE: All Tesla Products last a life time, and have a 3 Month Full Refund Policy (excluding postage), if you are not happy with the results. So long as the products are in good condition, without marks and dents etc, we will gladly take back and refund you your money.

NOTE: Dispatch Days are Tuesdays and Thursdays

NOTE: Postage cost is a flat fee of $15 Express Post, regardless of how big your order is


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4 Varieties of Tesla Plates

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