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How to Heal from Inflammation – PART 1

First thing is first, you need to understand what Inflammation Is.

Inflammation is

Your body telling you “Something Is Irritation Me.”

Inflammation IS NOT A DISEASE!

It’s not even the problem.

It’s a Blessing!

Because it’s an Indicator / sign from your Beautiful Body telling you to “Stop Doing Something that is causing it (your body) irritation”.


Your job…

Is to find out, what is causing your body irritation?

And then stop it.


The following are some main Causes of Inflammation:

Too much stress in your life – not enough rest
• Self-Criticizing Thoughts
• The striving for Perfectionism
• The foods you eat – aka processed and fake foods
• Toxic relationships
• Toxic environments – (aka 5G raping your crystal energy field everyday with bullshit programming and chaotic frequencies that cause “inflammation!)” – sorry the fact these towers are still standing makes me so angry! PS: All Tesla Products go up 10% end of this month (30th June). So if you haven’t got a House Kit – NOW IS THE TIME!
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• The things you put on your body; make up, face creams, gels, perfumes, shampoo and conditioner
• The things you inhale – cigarettes, toxic cleaning products, unclear air, mouldy environments etc
• Lack of hygiene in general
• Pharmaceutical medications

That’s a few points there to get you thinking about your life!




I have found with clients with inflammation, they generally all have similar traits.

High achievers, hard on themselves, high expectations of themselves, stressing a lot, find it hard to relax, an obsession with getting everything just right, and the other half, they just eat the wrong foods or drink alcohol every night and wonder why their foot blows up and they can’t walk.

Sorry – Some Tough Love There..
Only Because I Want You at Your Highest Health & Happiness!




What Juice Cleansing Does

Juice Cleansing allows your body (and for some it’s the first time in a life time), the opportunity to fully rest and repair, while your Body is being Nourished with the Best of Natures Food – in a liquid concoction, so your digestive system is not needed.

When Your Body Doesn’t Need to Digest – It Can Focus It’s Energy on Cleaning & Healing.
And when we add Healing Energy to each Juice – For Your Bodies Highest Good

Plus also Purify & Lift the Vibration of the Juice with Tesla
This allows your body to reach a High Frequency state – where Miracles happen, and you can actually rewrite your entire internal health blueprint and clean out all old programming.

NOTE: Miracles are our Natural Ability – We just don’t get told that – and how to care for our body, in order to access these vibrations, where these Miracles Happen!


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That’s why all clients that do 3 days or longer on straight green juices feel so good.. because their inflammation goes right down, because they are fed nothing but calming, alkaline, high frequency juices, that forces their body to rest and heal.


And every time we juice cleanse, we allow it to do so, in the most Ideal Environment – well if you’re having my Juices – it’s the Most Ideal Environment 😊😊😊
I can’t speak for the energy and quality of others.

But I KNOW, in the cleanses we provide you, YOUR BODY MUST HEAL!
It has to..

And your ability to receive all the goodness from the cleanse in a resting environment, is where the REAL MAGIC TAKES PLACE, and deep connections are made with your beautiful body and your gorgeous essence.
And then your job moving forward is to ensure your Life Changes into that of a High Frequency Lifestyle, to Match Your New Inner Health.




Remember I have come from having 4 autoimmune diseases, all diagnosed at 21.

They were:

• Autoimmune Hepatitis – “My liver was inflamed and screaming for help”
• Primary Biliary Cirrhosis – “My liver bile ducts were inflamed and screaming for help”
• Hypothyroidism – “My thyroid gland / hormone production – was crying for help”
• Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis – “My joints all over my body were inflamed and screaming for help”

I remember going to the Liver specialist and he went white when he first saw that my liver inflammatory markers were in the 1000s, when they should be less then 30.
His words were: “You need to take XYZ drugs now or your liver will scar and you will need a liver transplant”.

So I did, and at 24 I was up to taking 13 pharmaceuticals a day, with the only prescription being – “We need to up the meds Nadia”.

Notice how blood tests measure how much your body screams?
And then the prescription is to “how can we dampen the bodies natural indicators?”

Just ponder one that for a while..

It doesn’t take rocket scientist to tell you that – “something is hurting your body.” 🙄
You just need to work out what is causing the hurt?

Because you sure as hell didn’t one morning just wake up and “catch” a disease
Diseases takes years to form – and they are caused by a whole bunch of factors, mainly being – your body is clogged up with junk, and causing you extra pressure, irritation and disharmony.

And no your body doesn’t decide one day that it doesn’t like you anymore, and therefore starts attacking you.
What a pile of bullshit there!

I Smell a Big Rat!!
I must be near a Woolworths or Chemist 🙄
Notice how they are always next to each other.
Rats live in packs you know!




Anyway back to my story.. of Sick to Health..

I was basically living death, I couldn’t do anything.

My own mother had to put my PJs on at night, which is not where a high achiever wants to be at 24 years of age.
I was supposed to be Wimbledon Champion!! 😊

But for 4 years, not one “Health Professional” told me to look at my diet, stress, emotional health, mental health, toxins, anything..
They all said I would not be able to work and that my life would consist of “constant pain management.”

If I kept going with that medication or their “diagnosis” (stupid guess). I would not be here today!

I remember my father (who has a chemistry degree and understood what those drug ingredients actually do) saying to me:

“Nadia, it’s those Drugs that are Killing You”.

And I knew he was right, as I looked down at both of my hands that had already severely deformed, with me barely being able to move my fingers or wrists.


You see, all that drugs/pharmaceuticals do, is basically tell your body to ‘stop screaming’ – by dampening your immune system enough, so that your body is too weak to raise alarm, and therefore the body just becomes so overloaded with chemicals, it becomes docile, If you will.

Can you imagine if you did that to a crying child?
You feed them with a bottle of chemicals, that is not conducive to their body, they have a reaction and scream, and you think – better go buy a drug to shut up my child.
That’s plain abuse.

But yet this is how we have all been trained to think, thanks to billions of dollars spent on Pharmaceutical Drug Commercials, and paying off Doctors to be administrators of these drugs.

It’s not the solution.

And it’s the drugs that almost killed me.


– PART 1 END –




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Have a Great Week!
Much Love



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