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Juicing with Nadia K is currently not servicing Juice Cleanses until further notice.

We are all taking a much needed break, to update our systems, training and procedures, so we can come back and offer you an even higher quality of product and service.
We apologise for any convenience this may cause, and we look forward to servicing you again soon.
Note: All other products and services are still available for purchase on this website


Dear Nadia,

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much!

Doing a 7 Day Green Juice Cleanse with you just over a year ago, was seriously a life changing experience!

I came out of the other side of the Cleanse a completely different person xx

I haven’t yet told you because I didn’t want to jinx it, but can you believe, I fell pregnant within weeks of finishing the cleanse (after trying to fall pregnant for a really long time and having multiple miscarriages).

During the cleanse, I was able to cut toxic energetic ties with my mother, and truly connect to my soul like I never had before.

I will be forever so grateful for your facilitation in such a profound experience and healing!

It might sound odd, but nothing has ever compared (energetically) to this juice cleanse I experienced through you. I really felt the energy and power coming from this cleanse and I knew in my heart, there was just so much magic happening in me from an energetic level from the reiki of these juices.

And today having a healthy beautiful child as a result of that cleanse, again I will forever be grateful.

Thank you so much

Much much love

Belinda M – Sunshine Coast

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