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I felt I needed to express the importance of this message, hence the aforementioned

Ready for it?…. 

Drum Roll…..

Our body heals itself naturally when we are not using our digestive system to digest food.

The body cannot effectively self-clean (detoxify and heal) whilst digesting food at the same time.
It needs an empty stomach and rest from exterior and interior stressors, irritants and toxins, as well as peace from negativity and negative energies.

Now this next bit is vital, so listen up….

“It’s about the removal of low vibrational energy (toxic waste and toxic energy) and replacing it with high vibrational energy (juices + universal energy)!”

This is the magic recipe of healing xx

Juice cleansing heals because we don’t require our digestive system to process the soluble fibre, because it is removed from the juices. Our body can then focus 100% on cleaning out the stored toxins, fatty acids and mucus that keep our bodies in a low vibrational state, and focus on unblocking our vital transportation systems as to restore our natural energy flow.

Not only that, the body becomes quite acidic and stressed, having to deal with the effects of breaking down all the stored negative toxic debris, and then disposing it through the organs of elimination.
Therefore we need to counter act this and help the body out, by feeding it alkaline fuel (without soluble fibre – so we don’t stop the cleaning process), and have the body get too stressed out (overly acidic) and go into toxic overload, which can be very uncomfortable (symptoms wise) and can defeat the purpose of cleansing.

Feeding your body with freshly made alkaline juices with loads of greens, that are chemical/GMO free and nutrient dense, provides the body with the ultimate healing environment, which supports the sufficient elimination of toxins.

Not only this, but by having each juice “charged” by Tesla Plates that lift the frequency of the juice, remove any electrical debris coming from the juicer and purifying the ingredients, whilst ridding any possibly GMOs that may have altered the produce during the growing process, this has a profound effect on the quality and purity of the nutritional fuel source that enters the body.

On top of that, by applying reiki energy to each juice, which works together with intentions of the client at their highest truth, we can turn a juice cleanse, into a full metaphysical healing experience, that of which massive shifts and life changes can occur!

And this is what I mean by “feeding the body with high vibrational energy (juices + universal energy)” – whilst the body works hard to self-clean.

This is magic: This is how healing occurs and this is how miracles happen!

I have met people that have healed from MS, cancers, autoimmune diseases, depression and chronic self-harming addictions all through juice cleansing and as a result have turned their life around to that of inspired living, joy and bliss.

Now imagine super charging that juice cleansing/healing process by the use of universal energy and high frequency pure alkaline juice.


Each time we juice cleanse, we speed up the process of finding who we are, shedding off the toxic layers, shifting the limiting blocks and removing the self-sabotaging habits that rob us from living life to our full potential!
The longer we choose to cleanse, the deeper we go, and if intuitively those that are ready for 7 to 14 days, WOW is this a complete life changer! This is where the body goes real deep and sorts through the core physical and metaphysical issues. This is where some serious magic happens.

That said, we all run our own race and it is important to go at our pace and not compare where we are, to where others are. I remember the first time I juice cleansed for 3 days, it literally changed my life as for the first time ever, I learnt what the present moment was – I awoke…. And from that day on I knew I would be helping many do the same through juice cleansing.

Wherever you are at, taking one step forward and doing a juice cleanse (even for a day), is such a treat for your body and you should be so proud in honouring it by giving it a rest and chance to self-clean and heal! 

Listen to your body and start where you are at and continue the beautiful and rewarding road to a clean body, clear mind and alive spirit, where you are walking beaming light, love and happiness.

Nadia x

NOTE: For those ready for significant change, I have created DIY Juice Cleansing Programs that allow you to create your very own juice cleansing retreat at home and repeat as often as you wish with all recipes following proper food combining principals as well as all the methods needed for a safe and effective detoxification process. Link is below:
DIY Juice Cleansing Programs

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