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CS700 Topset Upgrade


Picture showing Upgrade to Stainless Steel option with Kuvings Topset


Do you have a CS600 Topset, with a Clear Juicing Bowl? And want to upgrade to the Stainless-Steel Juicing Bowl?

Well, it’s Easy, you can now upgrade your CS600 Topset to the New CS700 Topset, which includes a Heavy Duty Automatic Flip-gate Lid, the clever Juicing Screw Maxi-Strainer Rotation Wipers, the ever famous and long lasting Stainless Steel Juicing Bowl, and the (STS304) Smart Cap.

In doing so, your Juicer will be the bees knees of quality, and will prevent corrosion, calcium deposits and therefore produce a higher quality juice, with less maintenance and cleaning.

NOTE: When purchasing the CS700, this topset is included. The difference between the CS600 and the CS700 Kuvings Professional Juicer, is this very Topset. The CS600, does not have a Stainless Steel bowl.


Kuvings topset showing wide brim cap


Kuvings New Hygienic stainless-steel bowl, as again prevents corrosion, pervasive smell, and discoloration.

The Stainless-Steel Bowl is Dishwasher Safe and more durable than the standard CS600 topset.

NOTE: I still prefer to hand wash this however, for more care.

The more you care for your Juicer, the more Love it gives back – and longer it lasts! 😊

The new CS700 Mater Chef Topset is ideally designed to work for durability in a Cafe, Juice bar, or restaurant, but just be sure to keep an eye on the lid cap, and open every few minutes, as these babies’ juice fast!


Kuvings Juicer Base


Price Comparison for all Juicers:

EVO820 – $888

CS600 – $1,988 (with regular bowl)

CS700 – $2,288 (with stainless steel bowl)

CS700 Topset Upgrade – $699 (the difference between both models)

To Purchase your CS700 Topset Upgrade, CLICK HERE

Happy Juicing!!


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