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This week’s blog is about Manifesting!

My favourite topic in the world!

Did you know…. that you can manifest anything, yes “anything” into your life, simply by learning a few simple ingredients and practicing them and strengthening them, just as you would strengthening a muscle by using it every day and increasing the intensity.

Well I’m going to let you know how it all works, Manifesting that is..  in 5 simple Steps Below!

Step 1: Be clear on your desires: How can the universe give you what you want, if you don’t know what you want!
Get a piece of paper NOW and write down what you want immediately!

Step 2: Believe you can get your desires, as if you don’t believe, you won’t receive. Because by not believing, you are telling the universe you do not wish to receive it.

Step 3: Let go of any attachment to getting your desires. For example; get to a point where you don’t need these things to make you happy in life but still desire them.

Most people can’t get past this step, which is why a lot fail in manifesting. You see when you “need” something to make you happy, you are telling the universe you are “Sad” without it, and subconsciously putting out a low vibration for that particular topic you are thinking about and thus telling the universe you don’t want it!

Step 4: Lift your vibration so high, when thinking of what you want, to intensify this thought/vibration frequency to the universe, so that the universe can match what you are putting out in the equal intensity, and bring your dreams to you even faster and sometimes instantly!!! So so so cool when this happens!!!
And how do we lift our vibration??? Um let’s see “I’ll lock in ‘C’ for Juice Cleansing Larry” That’s right, Juice Cleansing!!!!

How does this lift your vibration???? Well when you juice cleanse, you detox and eliminate toxins aka low vibration residues from your physical, mental and emotional bodies, which therefore lifts your average vibration threefold!!!… Meaning manifesting happens quicker, as you are more able to greater receive because you have less negative blockages in you energy fields stopping this from happening!


Thus food is vibration also!

So eating dead food, or artificial plastic food aka 95% of supermarkets, simply lower your overall vibration and keep you in a negative state and unable to manifest your dreams.

Interestingly enough, the group of families that own the food, pharmaceutical, education, media and banking corporations globally, want us to stay at a low vibration, so that we don’t learn the secrets of manifesting and pose a threat to their monopolies, and stay as worker bees, rather than the Queen Bees (or Kings) that we all are!!

Because they know that one cannot truly manifest, when their body is filled and continually fuelled with low frequency foods, toxins and chemicals, they promote this to the masses, while most of them are on organic plant based diet, with the super intelligent fasting quarterly.

Did you know… that the great mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras INSISTED that all his prospective students MUST fast for 6 weeks before he would agree to tutor them!! Because he also knew the power a clean body has on lifting one’s vibration and therefore increasing one’s brain power and learning capabilities.

Now this Blog is not to go on a rant or to get annoyed at these families, but quite the opposite!!

How exciting when we now know how the world works and how to play the game! And all it takes to start the ball rolling is detoxing and getting in control of your thoughts and feelings through regular juice cleansing, thus to help remove the low vibration toxic storage in our bodies FOR GOOD!

This way we can all free up space to let our divine inner light shine and get on with getting anything and everything we want in life!!

That’s all folks…

Wait!… What about Step 5?

Ah yes… Step 5 is my absolute favourite…

Simply get in the present moment and allow!

Even if it is only for a split second, being 100% in the moment, will let the universe provide to you in the most efficient way your dreams and desires without you messing it around with other irrelevant thoughts or unconscious believes.

And surprise surprise, when you juice fast, your body naturally wants to get into nature and meditate. AKA Do nothing and enjoy the beauty of the present moment 

So write down your goals, drink juice, think happy thoughts and meditate 

The Real Drs Orders 

Have a great week x

Nadia xx

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