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Juicing with Nadia K is currently not servicing Juice Cleanses until further notice.

We are all taking a much needed break, to update our systems, training and procedures, so we can come back and offer you an even higher quality of product and service.
We apologise for any convenience this may cause, and we look forward to servicing you again soon.
Note: All other products and services are still available for purchase on this website


I had an invasive medical procedure (away from home) and I knew I needed to heal quick with juicing. I searched and the universe kept showing me Nadia, so I thought “well I must have to go with Nadia!”

I came to the Sunshine Coast and started the juice fast the day after getting out of hospital and 5 days later, felt really good, considering what I had just gone through. Fresh clean juice… and as much as the first 3 days were hard, the remaining 2 were fine, as I could have fresh fruit juice on these two days.

My taste become alive, my eyes were clear. I just felt soooo good.

Nadia’s support was fantastic!!! And because of this, I’m now doing a 7 day CABALA juice at home in order to heal quickly.

I have never juiced this long before, in fact the longest I have ever gone was 1 day. But now, because of the support of Nadia and her juices, it has inspired me to juice fast on a regular basis, because of the health benefits.

Thank you Nadia x

N. White – Perth

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