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I had an invasive medical procedure (away from home) and I knew I needed to heal quick with juicing. I searched and the universe kept showing me Nadia, so I thought “well I must have to go with Nadia!”

I came to the Sunshine Coast and started the juice fast the day after getting out of hospital and 5 days later, felt really good, considering what I had just gone through. Fresh clean juice… and as much as the first 3 days were hard, the remaining 2 were fine, as I could have fresh fruit juice on these two days.

My taste become alive, my eyes were clear. I just felt soooo good.

Nadia’s support was fantastic!!! And because of this, I’m now doing a 7 day CABALA juice at home in order to heal quickly.

I have never juiced this long before, in fact the longest I have ever gone was 1 day. But now, because of the support of Nadia and her juices, it has inspired me to juice fast on a regular basis, because of the health benefits.

Thank you Nadia x

N. White – Perth

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