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Did you know that by Juice Cleansing for 3 days or more we can actually release past trauma held in our bodies, and the attached thought patterns that come with it, day by day, year by year, and rid them for good!
Whoop Whoop!!

You see, past trauma is toxic energy/rooted beliefs/memories that are stored in our body’s organs, tissues and hence cells, which block of natural flow of life force energy through us.

This natural flow of energy, aka Prana, Chi, Ki or Qi, depending where you are from, is what allows us to connect to our higher self and thus be the shining true expression of ourselves and aka live with spirit! And boy is this a fulfilling exciting way to live!

Generally when we experience these repetitive horror stories in our minds, caused by the original trauma, we try to cover these thought patterns with whatever means possible to disassociate from the pain of experiencing the unwanted emotions that generally come as a reaction to believing in these thoughts.

For example; someone who still feels as though they are not good enough, from perhaps over critical parents or past bullying, may cover up these thoughts of self rejection by drugs, work, alcohol, sex or the classic “emotional eating” on processed or sugar foods that provide a short term false high.

By doing this, the very emotion we are trying to avoid at the time of eating these foods, actually stores in our body attached to the waste products of the food. For example, if a lot of beer, chocolate or chips where eaten in a time of stress, these emotions store together with the left over fatty oils and artificial toxins that store in our body, if not given sufficient time to break down and release before our next meal.

These emotions then become further imbedded into our biological blueprint, as the waste of toxic food build up in our body, making it virtually impossible to attract the opposite into our life, because our physical blueprint and stuck negative emotions scream otherwise.

However when you juice fast, your body is able to fully rest its usual tough work load of digesting your food and gets to work on breaking down the toxic waste and dead food residue and clears it from your system for good!
As this waste leaves your system, so does the emotions stored in it and so do the repetitive negative thoughts that are chained together with the cellular memory.

Therefore juice cleansing allows you to clear out the weeds attached to the original “ROOT CAUSE” and consciously see the root for what it is, ‘a rooted weed stuck in your gorgeous body.’ You are then able to better pull out this root by bringing light to it and deciding once and for all you know longer need it, and thus throwing it out of the subconscious by refusing to believe this story anymore and forgoing any blame by forgiveness.

You see without all the attached toxic weeds stored in the toxic foods that keep the root solid in its place in your blue print, the weed is actually not that strong, and can be removed by a simple decision to change.
This is why juice cleansing is so so so powerful !!

It is not only a gift of cleaning the body and keeping it young and youthful, it heals us emotionally, cleans our mind and sorts out our mental programing, so we stop self-sabotaging ourselves with our toxic thoughts and get on with what we are meant to be doing in this lifetime…. Loving, Living and Giving 

Juice Cleansing really is a fast track to a joyful life and enlighten way of being 

Thus juice cleansing 4 times a year, is a clever priority for those wishing to manifest their dreams quicker, without the crappy roots and weeds holding them back ;p 

Happy Cleansing xx
Nadia K x

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