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Juicing with Nadia K is currently not servicing Juice Cleanses until further notice.

We are all taking a much needed break, to update our systems, training and procedures, so we can come back and offer you an even higher quality of product and service.
We apologise for any convenience this may cause, and we look forward to servicing you again soon.
Note: All other products and services are still available for purchase on this website

“Deep down we know what is good for us – It’s just whether we let our good friend ‘Self-discipline’ help us.”

We usually think of self-discipline as this hard core strict ruler and punisher type of skill that carries a whip, is really serious, shouts a lot, doesn’t allow you to have any fun and keeps us chained up to rules. However it is actually self discipline that frees us from the ego’s tricks and self-sabotaging patterns, and is there to nurture us in the hardest of times.

For example: when life turns into chaos or we are feeling overwhelmed or unwell – it’s our self-discipline that is actually the one to care for us!

It ensures we eat properly when we are too tired to prepare food, it ensures we exercise when we didn’t get much sleep the night before and it looks after our social life, when work is crazy busy!

Self discipline is our number 1 nurturer that we can always rely on to have our best interests at heart! …… And it is actually self discipline that will lead us to true inner peace. As you see with great monks and spiritually enlightened beings, all have one major thing in common…… self discipline 

Juice Cleansing strengthens your best friend “self discipline” – but like a muscle it needs to be continually used and strengthen to grow in power.

Regular juice cleansing strengthens the mind in self control, especially in regards to food addictions, comfort eating or boredom eating and helps you to take control of your thoughts before they take control of you!

So learn to love self discipline as it is there to nurture and care for you always!!
And remember the body can thrive on just juice for a very long time; It is our ego and mind games that tell us otherwise. But when self discipline is strengthened and our thoughts are under our control, the world really is our oyster!

Happy Juicing

Nadia K

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