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We often get told by media, main stream medicine or “experts” (usually self-proclaimed lol) that we need to take something to heal from disease or simply reclaim our natural state of health back, however many don’t understand that health and healing is mostly to do with firstly eliminating what is harmful to us and then replacing it with what nourishes us.

Thus certain steps of elimination need to be taken first, in order to heal.

Step 1:

Disease and poor health in general comes from accumulated toxins stored in the body which debilitate the body’s ability to function efficiently, deal with toxins and absorb nutrition, leaving us malnourished.
This is generally caused by poor eating and lifestyle habits which consequently were caused by past trauma, stress, stored negative emotions, negative belief systems, external toxic environments; all resulting in negative thoughts and feelings.

So if you think about it, wouldn’t it be logical to remove the toxins from the body and slowly change our toxic habits?

This is why Juice Cleansing is so beneficial in the healing process, in fact it needs to be your number one priority and on a quarterly basis AT LEAST, if you care about your health and wish to live a long healthy life.
By juice cleansing, especially for 3-7 days, you give your body a chance to rid excess stored toxins, and with it, remove stored negative emotions – aka cellular memories, toxic debris, mucus, crystallised acid (arthritis) and parasites which then in turn allows your cells to better absorb nutrients, as they are now are not covered with gunk, leaving you again malnourished.


Step 2:

Step 2 is to feed our body with amazing nutrients to support our body in building back its health. Eating an organic plant based diet is great for this, but if you want to speed up the process, you need a liquid concentration of fresh nutrition straight from Mother Nature, and surprise surprise – this also comes from Cold Pressed Organic Freshly Made Juices.

For example, not many could scoff down 1 pack of carrots, a whole celery, 3 lemons, 3 beetroots and 10 apples, along with a large bowl of leafy greens, beautiful herbs and other amazing fruits to get the boost of nutrition needed, however juicing makes this possible and this can all fit in 3-6 500ml juices 


Step 3:

Step 3 is to fix the initial cause. And deep down you know what this is.

Are you not living the life you want and resenting yourself or others for it, do you have poor eating or exercise habits, are you living in blame and not taking personal responsibility for your life, are you holding onto past trauma, are you hanging around toxic people, do you have negative thoughts about yourself or your body and the BIGGY are you being the AUTHENTIC YOU? As being authentic is the number 1 recipe for happiness because when we are not embracing who we are, our health will begin to diminish.

So funny enough, healing is actually about going after what you want in life..

And.. well this is just cool…… Because the world is just waiting to receive the beautiful gifts your authentic self has to offer.

So in a nut shell, healing is actually quite simple: be you, juice cleanse quarterly and manifest EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN LIFE… NO LIMITS…

Happy Cleansing 🙂

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