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I know I keep saying this time and time again, but with so much wrong information out there about health and healing, we sometimes forget the healing power we have if we just trust our bodies to do what it needs to do to restore us to our natural state of peak health.

You see, we are healthy naturally! Our body is designed to function perfectly and keep us alive for 100-200 years (yes that right), we just need to stop poisoning it, which in turn shortens our life span.

We don’t even have to know how or think of what to do next, our body just knows, because it is wired to heal itself!

If we cut our finger, we don’t have to know how the body heals the cut and the process and steps the body takes to do this, we simply can forget about it and the body will heal the cut naturally!

That said, if we cut our finger and then rub dirt in the wound and keep rubbing it and irritating it with all sorts of non-complimentary actions, of course it will not heal, and most probably will get worse! Yet we do this to our body all the time. We drink excess alcohol, over eat, binge on sugar and chemically stimulating foods when we are stressed, over work it, don’t get enough sleep, don’t ever rest and then wonder why we get sick and seem to get worse!

You see, we don’t need a special pill, of set of vitamins, although there are some that help counteract the effects of our bad habits, all we need is some good old fashioned sleep and rest from digestion of solid food for a while, so our body can do what it does best, and return us to a state of natural health.

For example: one of the biggest healers of disease is FREE and that is “SLEEP”! Yet we so take this natural healer for granted and deprive ourselves of what our body needs the most when out of balance.. Sleep!

If you are sleep deprived, you can take all the herbs, supplements and super foods you want, but your immune system will never reach its full potential and you will crave sugar, coffee and all that adds to the problem and create a vicious cycle for yourself.

Just like cold showers counteract inflammation as well as conditions your autonomic nervous system (the part of the nervous system responsible for bodily functions that are not consciously directed by you, such as breathing, heartbeat, and digestion), stimulates the immune system and improves your sex life and…. this simple action is FREE!

“The best things in Life Really are Free!!!”

Another example of Natures Free Remedies: is to jump into the ocean every morning and let that amazing high quality electrolyte fresh salt water into your body through your skin. This will alkalise your blood, soak up calcium for your bones and significantly help with arthritis and inflammation, whilst rebooting your entire nervous system!

Now add juice cleansing to the mix, with sleep, exercise, sun, cold showers/and or beach swims – now this is the recipe for speedy healing.

Juice cleansing is the second fastest healer followed by water fasting, which allows the body to reset back to status “health”. It provides the ideal healing environment for your body to do what it knows how to do best… Restore your health!

They just need to be the right juices, which are:

  • Freshly made,
  • Chemical, wax and spray free,
  • Preservative and syrup free,
  • Made using cold press juicer as to not kill enzymes with high fan speed, and…
  • Containing a mix of vegetables, leafy greens, fruits and herbs which all follow the correct food combining laws in each juice as to not irritate your stomach through unnecessary fermentation from poorly mixed juices and thus allow your body to focus 100% on healing!

Long story short… HEALING is actually quite simple: sleep, breathe, juice cleanse, exercise, get in the sun, jump in the ocean, have FUN and stay POSTIVE and the body will take care of the rest!

Until next time

Nadia xx<

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