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Ok…. so when we are born, we are this beautiful big bright light, full of love and excitement for the world.

Then as we begin to grow and have experiences, we start to collect others baggage that is projected onto us, and develop a set of false beliefs, false identity and story about ourselves, which covers who we really are.

We walk around wearing these shity glasses which a distorted view of ourselves and the world, that make us feel crap and long for the happiness, brightness and freedom, we once experienced as a small child with no fear, and the unconditional love felt from the creator.

This baggage and false beliefs get stored physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually which are all intertwined in our energy blueprints.

Under all this ‘junk’ we forget who we are!

When we clean off or let’s say “let go” of, for example, a stored negative emotion, this in turn effects our thought patterns and our physical health. The same goes if we rid toxic stored mucus, plaque or parasites and worms from our physical systems, through cleansing, this in turn effects our emotional, mental and spiritual health.

However all four “emotional, mental, physical and spiritual” need maintenance to ensure good health for the long term.

Just say you look after your emotional health through great trusting close relationships, and look after your physical health through cleansing regularly, eating a plant based diet and exercise, but you neglect your mental health by having constant horrible thoughts about yourself and deny your spiritual health by not living who you really are and doing what you really want to do, you will still develop un-balance in your energy blue print and thus create room for dis-ease or dis-order to eventuate.

Or in another instants, if you have great relationships, you love what you do and have a positive out look to life but you over eat and have a diet full of high processed foods, refined sugars, coffee and cigarettes, with the constant fuelling of the body with harmful non-food supplements, your energy will automatically start to drop, your moods will lower and you will be a breeding ground for parasites, worms and dis-ease, which will in turn affect your relationships, work and life, bringing all of them down to the vibration of the dead stored “food” you are using as fuel.

You see, it is so vital to clean regularly our house, our temple, that is our body, along with developing close relationships with those we feel good around, as well as working on our belief systems and lastly being true to who we are and fuelling our spirits by being YOU un-apologetically!!

Only then, can you enjoy a rich, full life, filled with happiness and joy

Cleansing all parts of us is a MUST and are the most important priorities in one’s life.

Because remember, in order to achieve what we want to achieve and be who we want to be, we need to vibrate this internally first and from our heart centres. And then… only then… can this manifest into our physical reality!

Happy Juice Cleansing

And be kind to you and others x

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