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Did you know that the more you Juice Cleanse, the clearer you make the communication channel between your mind and body!

This means, the better you are able to hear what your body is actually trying to tell you!

And this my friends, is just so so cool!

The body is continually communicating with you and it actually tells you what foods it would like to eat (or not eat!) in each moment, as to help restore balance back into the body and function at a peak state of health!

Our only problem, is that we don’t hear it! And if we do, we often don’t understand what it is telling us, or simply ignore it!

Our body is so so super intelligent that if you have cleared the rubbish out of your system enough through regular juice fasts, and you walk into the local markets, supermarket or fresh fruiterer, and listen to what your body feels like eating, you will actually gravitate towards certain foods through a “natural” craving like sign.

Through this craving, your body is simply telling you the minerals or nutrients, that it is lacking and thus the foods you are naturally craving, will help it restore its balance back (aka or help counteract/eliminate last night’s fried chicken ;p)

When your body is clean and you can communicate with it, you actually don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on doctors, specialists and health care providers to know what foods to eat (or not eat), in to get well, because your body will just tell you “ok it’s now time to do this!” (whether it’s juice fasting, or eating lots of a certain fruit or vegetable, or not eating at all for a good half a day or so). Whatever it may be, your body will let you know via a “natural craving”.

In order to do get to this level of communication however, it takes you to be at a high vibration. And in order to pulsate at a high vibration on a consistent basis, this takes a clean body (not blocked with low vibration foods (aka dead foods).

Being clean and pulsating at a high vibration is so important when trying to listen to your body, because if you were to follow your “so called cravings” on a low vibration, they will just lead you to other low vibrational food (aka artificial sugars, dairy or meats etc), because you attract what you vibrate, and the vicious cycle continues.

You see juice fasting not only eliminates the toxins from your body, it breaks away the toxic cycles and self-sabotaging habits in your life, and leaves you with “inspired clarity” – which when you experience this on a daily basis, “Your life becomes Magic!”

It is at this point of clarity that you manifest so quickly, you will not believe! – Aka – My favourite By-product of regular Juice Fasting – and maintaining a clean body!!

I keep saying this, but “Juice Fasting Really is a Competitive Advantage in LIFE!”

Happy Cleansing ?

Nadia xx

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