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Ever since my partner and I bought the pendants and 5G house plate, we are feeling soooooooooo much better, considering we are 200m away from a 5G Tower.

Even our kitties are happier and playing more 🙌🏻

We spent so much on other way more expensive products that didn’t work for us.

So thank you so much for sharing this amazing tech!!!

I just want to share this from the roof tops hahaha 

The entire collective would benefit so so much having just even once piece of the Tesla tech in their homes. 


I just love everything about Nadia, her Soul’s mission and her light worker team 💕🦋🌟 

The more Nadia shares her story, the more I can relate and resonate so deeply with her story 🥰

I am still on my healing journey (I guess we all are in some way) but I feel so honoured and blessed to be able to have Nadia’s wisdom and teams support through it all 🙌🏻💕

Sending you so much Love!

Warm regards, 


Scarlet – QLD

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