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Today I wanted to focus on the importance of listening to your body.

You see, our body is communicating to us all the time. When you are tired, your body wants to rest, when you are restless, your body wants exercise or movement and most importantly when you receive a sign or a symptom, your body wants to you to stop doing whatever it is you are doing that is causing the irritation for a better word.

Your body is letting you know every single day what it needs, when it needs it and all you have to do is listen.
For example, If you are craving a banana, your body is most probably seeking the potassium, manganese, magnesium, iron and/or protein from the banana to help rebuild muscle and rehydrate you with essential minerals (hence why it makes the perfect post or pre workout fruit.

If you are craving green juices, your body is most probably highly acidic at that current moment and is needing to alkalise and thus balance your body’s ph level. If you are craving lemon, your liver is calling, if you are craving beetroot, your blood needs a good carrier to clean out the unwanted, if your craving avocados or cacao, your hormones are speaking up and well….. I could go on for ever, but long story short, we need to start listening, rather than questioning, because at the end of the day, our body’s intelligence is way smarter than we are 
We get so caught up in asking “what is the perfect diet”, when we should be asking “what is the perfect diet for my body in this current moment.”

You see, we are programed for perfect health. That’s right… and if we listen to our body, it will tell us how to get there! It will always look to restore balance, as the body knows that when it is in balance, it is healthy and all energies flow.

The problem most people have however, is they cannot decipher between what their body is telling them vs what their mind or food chemical addictions are telling them.

The easiest way to tell the difference, is to meditate/aka clear the mind of all thought and then really feel and ask “what does my body need in this moment?” and most of the time, it’s simply oxygen by means of deep breathing, fresh air, movement and loving thoughts. 

The other way is asking ONLY when you are in a good state of mind, as this will generally give you a good indication. What we don’t want to do is panic ask, or asking when you are stressed, as this is your mind simply wanting anything to suppress the anxiety and uncomfortable feelings you are experiencing.

Another great way to become super in tune with your body, is of course by juice cleansing.

Each time you juice cleanse you, you clean up the channels of communication to your body and are better able to understand what it is asking of you on a regular basis. It’s like cleaning out stored up wax in your ears so you can hear people again (sorry for that image lol) – however by cleaning out the decayed mucus and toxins in your body, you can better hear and know what your body needs.

It becomes like looking after a little child, as it tells you what it needs all day long and then you simply have a choice whether you listen and act on it or not. 

Juice cleansing also cleans out the mind chatter, as it rids the toxic debris in our gut, and because of this our mind becomes less distracted by the negative emotions which are generally triggered by imbalances in our gut.

I harp on about green juices, however it’s so important to have green juices included in your juice cleanse, because as your body breaks up the acid crystals, mucus and toxic debris in your system, ready for elimination, this process causes an acid build up, which is why if not alkalised with greens or enemas quickly, it can become quite uncomfortable at times with all the loosened and broken up toxins in our blood stream, all trying to be eliminated at once.

That’s why I’m so particular about in what I put in the juices and how to support the juice cleanses as best as possible, as we want to heal the body, not irritate it further.

This is also why I am always recommending daily enemas whilst juice cleansing and asking about food sensitives or health issues you may have, as we don’t want to irritate the body, as it defeats the purpose of juice cleansing.

As remember your body heals best when it is as rest, not when we are irritating it with poor fruit and veg combinations or too much fructose etc if your pancreas is weak. We want the juice to be our medicine, not our irritant. Just imaging trying to get to sleep when someone is constantly poking at you he he! Fat chance of that happening.

And again, that’s why we want chemical free, organic produce, freshly made daily, following the food combining principals and your body’s sensitivities as to not irritate the gut.

Ok enough on that tangent, and back to today’s message:

“Your body is your divine guidance in this physical world, talk to it, let it help you help it, as it is the most intelligent make up of energy that you have access to like no other.”

“Treat it with love and respect, feed it with loving thoughts and clean it out once a quarter with a juice cleanse and watch it thank you back with glowing hair, a beautiful figure, clear skin, bright eyes and energy and excitement for life”

“Love it and treat it well and in return it will give you many healthy years filled with energy, stamina and joy.”

Happy Cleansing 🙂

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