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Your body is simply incredible, it is so smart, it knows exactly how to heal itself and is always trying to communicate to you through “signs and symptoms.’

It tells you what it needs, nutrients wise, and tells you via symptoms what it doesn’t want; our job is simply to listen.

The body is so smart, it knows how to heal from any dis-ease (which is simply a blockage of toxins in the body, causing an imbalance or blockage in our energy systems).

All the body needs to heal, is a good clean and the right environment to regain balance again!

If you didn’t clean your house for a few years, what would it look like? eek!

Now what if you didn’t clean your house for 20 years? Can you imagine the filth and breeding ground for bacteria you would create?

Well you will be shocked what our internal environment looks like and what our bodies do on a daily basis, purely for survival and to look after you and protect you the best way it can!

We need to treat our bodies how we would if we owned a prize winning car or beautiful house and at least clean it once a quarter!

So how do we clean?

The body is so clever, that if we rest the digestive system, it focuses on cleaning our temple (our body) and can clear 3 months worth of toxic build up, stored mucus, puss and bacteria, from just 3 days of juicing! – but we need to provide the correct juice (aka freshly made organic cold press juices)

If we were to juice cleanse on supermarket juices (that contain preservatives to keep shelf life) or juice produce that contain sprays and wax (that you will see on ‘shinny apples’) then we are not really giving our digestive system a rest, as we are adding to the pollution that our body is trying to clean up in the first place.

We also want to ensure we are mixing the correct fruits and vegetables together as again, we do not want to cause irritation and fermentation with poor food combining when again the body is trying to rest and clean up!

So by juicing freshly made, cold press organic juices – you will be giving your body the best chance to heal and eliminate the toxins which cause brain fog, stress and necessary negative emotions on replay day after day.

Cleansing 4 times a year – as the great ancient leaders and healers did, will change your life, give you clarity and ensure you live a long and happy life!

Happy juice cleansing 🙂

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