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Natural Original Kombucha from Juicing with Nadia K

Freshly Made Unpasteurised Organic Kombucha


What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a tea that is fermented using a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast), that is fed sugar, in which the scoby consumes during the fermentation process, leaving a low sugar, fat free powerful pro-biotic for the gut, which aids in everyday digestion and stimulates growth of good bacteria.

Kombucha has been labeled the “Tea of Immortality” which has been part of ancient healing routines for Century’s. Kombucha which is full of good bacteria and enzymes, not only improves digestion in general, it helps to balance your gut bacteria and establish a healthy PH.

It is also provides great relief for heart burn, an upset stomach and reflux troubles and is used by many well-known health facilitators as part of a natural healing program for those with cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Kombucha, if fermented correctly, is known to be one of the most healing gut remedies of all time.

Why do we need regular Kombucha?

When we take anti-biotics, or have many times throughout our life, we actually kill off most of the bacteria in our gut – think atomic bomb!!

Although we get rid of the bad bugs, so do we the good, and like a weed, the “bad” usually grow back stronger and take over in numbers, thick and fast, especially if we have been consuming the sugars and processed carbs that the “bad” bacteria love so much!

When we say “bad”, we mean bacteria that feeds on the processed and dead foods that we eat, such as refined sugar, processed carbs and meat products, (basically anything that is rotting inside of us).

So we now have a gut full of bacteria that feed on only rubbish, crave more junk food and can’t digest nutrients! (which is what the good guys do!)

This often happens to children at a young age, especially if they have a sweet tooth for sugar and have taken a fair few doses of antibiotics.

Their gut microbiome becomes very unbalanced and is full of an overgrowth of the “bad bacteria” which leads to cases of candida etc.

Candida (a type of fungus) when out of control for instants, creates holes in our intestinal tract (leaky gut) which leads to chronic food sensitivities and inflammatory diseases. (All because we didn’t nurture our good gut bacteria and let the bad guys take over!).

In order to get our gut microbiome in balance again, we need to:
a) cleanse out the excess “rubbish” stored in our body,
b) stop eating those very foods that attract the “bad” bacteria and
c) replace our good bacteria again!!

Doing a juice cleanse is the quickest way to clean out the rubbish within us (and nourish our cells at the same time with high vibing fuel.

Once you do a few juice cleanses, your body will tell you when you are ready for Kombucha and to rebuild a healthy gut microbiome and heal your intestinal lining.

It is very important at this stage that we take better care of what we eat, and consume predominantly a plant based diet.

If we start eating processed food again, we will only attract back an overgrowth of the “bad” bacteria, which we have worked so hard to cleanse away!

This is the time we now restore the good bacteria, and the quickest and easiest way to replace our good bacteria is to consume regular Kombucha.

Kombucha (through the fermentation process) produces the very good bacteria and yeasts our body needs to digest, absorb and assimilate the nutrients we consume.

Drinking 150-250mls a day of Kombucha will do this, and you will see the result as less bloating, less reactions to food and feeling fuller sooner from meals, as your body is now assimilating the nutrients it has been so desperately wanting!

HOWEVER NOTE: it must be Organic Home Made and not pasteurized (which is a commercial heating process that kills off the very beneficial bacteria we are needing), which is what supermarket brands do to keep shelf life.

The real stuff (home-made organic) can last up to 21 days in the fridge, before it slowly starts to turn into vinegar (which then you can just use as your salad dressing :).

Glass of Natural Original Kombucha with fruit from Juicing with Nadia K
3 bottles of Raspberry Kombucha from Juicing with Nadia K

What’s so good about our Kombucha?

We have been working super hard to provide you with the most nutritious homemade organic Kombucha, which not only tastes so amazing, it is incredibly good for you and your gut!!

We understand that this “Tea of Immortality”, shouldn’t be taken lightly and we pride ourselves in keeping to the standards below, to ensure you receive the highest quality and healthiest, nutrient rich Kombucha available!


Our Standards and Point of Difference:

  • All ingredients used are certified organic
  • We offer our Kombucha in boxes of 6 x 500ml glass jars, filled to the brim!
  • All Kombucha is freshly made and lasts for a 21-24 day period.

NOTE: The Kombucha made in stores go through a final heating process which kills most of the beneficial bacteria, leaving less than 1% of pro-biotics left in the drink (check out the labels). Additional preservatives, flavours, sweeteners and acid regulators are also added, to enhance the taste and increase the shelf life of the drink. Just like juices, if there is a long shelf life, most of the enzymes have been killed off. Once you taste the real thing, made fresh unpasteurized Kombucha, the flavour will blow your mind!

  • Great care has been taken with nurturing our Scobys, ensuring they are extremely healthy, which we judge by thickness, colour and shape. The super healthy Scobys look like big juicy monster alien disks J
  • All our Kombucha is fermented in an exact time period, to maximize the amount of the good bacteria
  • Because our Kombucha is packed with nutrients and enzymes, you will find you only need small amounts to be satisfied. NOTE: You will often find that when drinking store bought Kombucha, you can easily consume a whole bottle and not feel satisfied.
  • New batches are used on each brew (rather than the continuous method – which is simply refilling old brews as you go). This allows for a consistency on taste, a safer and more sterile environment and an evenly distributed mix of good bacteria, enzymes and nutrients.
  • And finally, all jars of Kombucha are made with LOVE and Specific Healing Intentions to cater for each individuals highest good

Just like upgrading your car, once you experience what Real, Alive, Fresh, Kombucha tastes like, you can’t go back! And you will notice the lack of real nutritional taste if drinking a commercially processed kind again.

1 Days worth of Raspberry Kombucha from Juicing with Nadia K

What flavours are available?

We have created 4 amazing flavours for you to try:
They are:
– Raspberry
– Apple and Raspberry
– Lemon and Ginger
– Passionfruit
As well as our class original elixir


Kombucha ingredients:

Our Kombucha is simple – Organic black tea and organic raw unprocessed cane sugar with the added organic ingredients above added in a 2nd fermentation process.


How much Kombucha should I drink a day?

We recommend drinking between 150-250ml of Kombucha a day.

If drinking the recommended amount daily, a 6 pack of 500mls of Kombucha should last you anywhere from 2-3 weeks.

We recommend having 3 weeks on, 1 week off. So ordering a batch of Kombucha once a month would be an ideal gut health maintenance plan!


Can Kombucha last longer than 21 days?

Yes, because you keep the Kombucha sealed in the fridge, this slows the process of fermentation right down (almost to halt) and therefore the Kombucha can usually stretch out a week or so longer, however we prefer to give safe guidelines for consumption and recommend drinking from 14 to 21 days of receiving.

You will know by taste, when it is time to pour the Kombucha out, as it will begin to taste like vinegar, which is a sign the PH level is now very acidic.

You can dilute the PH by adding water, for a longer shelf life, but we recommend not to play around with the PH level and bacteria content, unless you know what you are doing and ridding as soon as it becomes too acidic to drink.

Natural Original Kombuchas at the beach from Juicing with Nadia K

What are the benefits Kombucha?

  • Aids digestion
  • Balances gut bacteria
  • Strengthens Immunity
  • Aids liver detoxification
  • Helps nutrient assimilation
  • Increases metabolism
  • Alleviates joint pain
  • Naturally raises your energy
  • Helps alleviate heart burn, indigestion & reflux troubles
  • Helps alleviate an upset stomach
  • Eliminates free radicals
  • Amazing post and pre work out drink, aiding in recovery
  • Activates and strengthens cancer killing cells
  • High source of B Vitamins and Iron
  • The Vitamin C content relieves stress and controls cortisol levels
  • Replenishes good gut bacteria
  • Preventative against tumors and cell damage
  • Helps with arthritis and inflammation
  • Is a fantastic substitute for alcohol
  • Aids in the body’s natural detoxification process


Other benefits:

The Glucosamines found in Kombucha, enhances hyaluronic acid production, which helps to protect cartilage, lubricate joints and reduce arthritic pain

Kombucha contains DSL (D-saccharic acid-1,4-lactoneand) which helps in cellular detoxification and fight of inflammatory diseases and cancer.

The B vitamins in Kombucha, specifically vitamins B1, B6, and B12, help battle depression, enhance your mood and aid your concentration. The iron amongst many things, increases hemoglobin in the blood, thereby enhancing oxygen flow and combating against anemia.

Raspberry Kombucha being poured out in a jar from Juicing with Nadia K

Kombucha Prices:

Prices of our Organic Original (unflavoured) Kombucha are below:

  • 6 x 500ml of Kombucha = $48 (+$15 once off delivery)
  • 12 x 500ml of Kombucha = $96 (+$15 once off delivery)
  • 18 x 500ml of Kombucha = $144 (+$15 once off delivery)
  • 24 x 500ml of Kombucha = $192 (+$15 once off delivery)


Prices of our Organic Flavoured Kombucha are below:

  • 6 x 500ml of Kombucha = $52 (+$15 once off delivery)
  • 12 x 500ml of Kombucha = $104 (+$15 once off delivery)
  • 18 x 500ml of Kombucha = $156 (+$15 once off delivery)
  • 24 x 500ml of Kombucha = $208 (+$15 once off delivery)


Pickup and Delivery Information:

Estimated Delivery Time: will be within 1-10 days (depending on the point of brew). We will be in contact with you via email or text to notify you of your exact delivery time as soon it has been booked with our drivers. 

Delivery areas include: Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne (Mornington Peninsula), Gold Coast, Toowomba, Gympie & Nyngan NSW

Note: Extra delivery costs may apply to some areas

Pick up areas include: Coolum, Peregian and Tewantin for the Sunshine Coast, West Lakes for Adelaide and Nyngan for NSW. No delivery costs apply when picking up, however please ensure to bring icepacks to ensure your Kombucha stays cool for the ride home.



These are valid for 12 Months and make great presents for all those individual’s wanting to heal their gut or cut back on/or substitute alcohol!


So How Does Drinking Kombucha Help Heal the Gut?

The road to a healthy gut involves changing your food supply to attract more beneficial bacteria, stimulating this bacteria with live foods, fresh juices and daily pro-biotics (Kombucha) and to rid any excess stored mucus that hosts home to overgrowths of bad bacteria, which is when a juice cleanse fits in.

When there is an overload of stored rubbish in your body, this attracts an overload of bad bacteria in your body, which overtake your good bacteria like an uncontrollable weed in your vegetable garden, taking over the herbs and other plants.

When we rid the excess stored mucus in our body with a juice cleanse, we eliminate most of the bad bacteria within it!

This is great news and the first step of healing (clean out the blocked pipes), however the beneficial bacteria, that has been depleted, now needs to be restored and built up again, in order to facilitate proper digestion!

If you don’t restore the good bacteria, the harmful bacteria will creep back in and reclaim their territory, as soon as you start adding in enough foods or drinks that they love – aka sugar, processed carbs, refined foods, meat and chicken etc (basically anything that has had its enzymes stripped away and has been pronounced dead!)

If we begin to eat too many of these foods and harmful bacteria take over our gut again, then our digestion is compromised once more, and we often start to experience bloating, constipation, indigestion or flatulence, even when consuming “healthy food.”

This is when you know your gut bacteria is out of balance, and your acid levels, enzyme production and overall digestive system is out of wack!

So although it is important to cleanse our body well and rid the excess bad bacteria, if we do not “grow”, “fertilise”, “feed” and “stimulate” new good bacteria, we will not be able to effectively assimilate the nutrients we need from the alive plant based foods our body lives for, which is imperative for our health and overall immunity.


This is where Kombucha comes in. (The Tea of Immortality!)


Why Kombucha is so essential to your healing:

After we detoxify our body and “juice cleanse” away the stored mucus and debris, that the excess bad bacteria occupy, we now must replenish our good bacteria, to allow us to effectively breakdown, digest and assimilate nutrition again.

Drinking 150mls to 500mls a day of Kombucha acts as a “nutritional fertiliser” for the good bacteria in your gut (allowing them to grow in strength and numbers) and helps you digest the goodness from healthy foods.

As you are consistent with Kombucha and as your new beneficial bacteria grows and strengthens, so does your ability to digest foods outside the plant based world, without the effects of bloating and flatulence etc.

You will also find that you feel fuller after meals, and don’t need to eat as much, because your now “balanced gut bacteria” is well in control of effectively breaking down food and getting the most out of what you are consuming.

This automatically leads to a healthy guts, strong immune system, high energy, higher metabolism and thus weight loss (if weight is needed to be lost).

With a healthy gut, comes a healthy mind, and less stress on your organs, digestive system and adrenals, allowing a balanced strong body that is set to last the test of time.


“Which is why they call Kombucha the Tea of Immortality!”


Keeping healthy (in a nutritional sense), is a balance of cleansing, consuming a healthy diet, and keeping a balanced gut bacteria – which is why regularly consuming Kombucha is such a great and affordable way to improve the state of your gut health.


Time to Ditch that Alcohol Addiction – with a Healthy Kombucha Substitute!

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